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OK, I Really Feel Like a Student Now

Jun 05 2005 09:59 AM

Last night I had a dream that I had started grad school, but that one of my courses had already started without me and that I didn't know how to attend the class or catch up with it.

Yup I'm a student again.

Swan Swan H
Jun 05 2005 10:08 AM

Was everyone in the classroom naked?

Jun 05 2005 10:09 AM

I don't know - I never made it to the classroom.

Swan Swan H
Jun 05 2005 10:10 AM

Once you get there, let me know. I haven't formally applied to Hofstra's grad school yet.

Jun 05 2005 10:12 AM

Will do <g>

Jun 05 2005 10:33 AM

I could have sworn gf started this thread....

I dream that I am back to school quite often. I never make it to class either because I can't decide what to wear, because my closet is full of about 50 white blouses and 50 navy slacks or skirts.

Jun 05 2005 11:06 AM

We're all nuts. I have a couple of recurring dreams about not being able
to find my locker, or not knowing the combination, and not being prepared
for class (again). I wish I would dream about my 7th grade social studies
teacher who didn't like to wear underwear and liked to tease young men.
What a hottie.

Jun 05 2005 11:16 AM

My standing recurring dream is that I'm back in college and I have a mailbox in the student center that I forget to check.

I also get the midterm/final in the class I've forgotten to attend all semester dream.

I find it interesting that my recurrent dreams are always in the academic setting - they have never involved work or family.

Jun 05 2005 11:47 AM

Sounds like someone came from a home that had heavy emphasis on
getting good grades.

Jun 05 2005 12:01 PM

You don't know the half of it....

Willets Point
Jun 05 2005 07:25 PM

I've had several versions of a dream that even though I graduated college that I had to go back to high school because I didn't finish all the requirements. That's a freakin' nightmare!

Jun 09 2005 09:33 PM

]OK, I Really Feel Like a Student Now

oh so you woke up drunk with a girl you don't recognize...welcome!

Jun 09 2005 09:34 PM

Um, no. That's never been my style.

Jun 09 2005 09:40 PM

enough alcohol and that won't matter....
is it just me or is this entire forum on central standard time???

Jun 09 2005 09:42 PM

I show 9:40 pm.

Try adjusting your settings to GMT minus 4 hours.

Jun 09 2005 09:43 PM

I didn't do anything (I wouldn't know how) and mine is right. KC probably had to do that for me too...