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Good stuff

Jun 05 2005 11:23 PM

Even though we went 1-5 versus the Yanks and Atlanta, I thought the Mets played well, minus some bad plays that really bit us. I am pleased with the team's recent performance.

A continuation of the thread that was on ezboard that dealt with the upcoming schedule.

New York 1-2. We coulda won either of the other two games with a few plays here or there.

@Atlanta 0-3 Despite the sweep, this series wasn't that horrible, except of course for the fact that it was Atlanta. I think one or two of these games were easily winnable.

@Florida 3-1 Three out of four on the road is always impressive. Especially against a good division rival.

Arizona 2-1 Very nice considering that we lost the first game.

San Francisco 2-1 Keeping it going.


Houston. 21-34 A shitty team at home. Let's get out those brooms.

Anaheim (yes, Anaheim) 32-24. A good team. Guerrero's hurt. 2 out of 3 would be nice

@Oakland 23-33 The Big One is all that's left, and it ain't working. Considering this is a road series in CA, two out of three would be nice. The Skanks beat the hell out of this team, maybe we can get three.

@Seattle 24-31 See above re: Skanks vs. Oakland

@Philadelphia 30-27 Important games against the Phillies since everyone in the East is 2 or 3 over .500.

@New York 28-28 Payback time.

Philadelphia 30-27

Florida 28-26 Two out of three would validate the last series.

@Washington 31-26 (four games) Your NL East leaders.

@Pittsburgh 26-29 They're not awful, but a sweep heading into the All-Star break would be very nice.

Jun 06 2005 07:57 AM
RE: Good stuff

Good stuff, indeed! The Phillies are playing really well right now, which they weren't when I first called June a good month for us to make up some ground . . . That being said, getting Seattle & Oakland back to back is a nice opportunity for us. And if we play well against the Phillies in our two series, we can get rid of some of this bunching in the East.

An exciting month!