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Jun 06 2005 07:00 PM

This is going to be a short report, because I've been busy saving archives and I expect everyone figures that's more important. The Astros have a losing record and are especially horrid on the road, at 5-22. The last time they were at Shea, for the Mets home opener, the Mets swept the series.

Who sizzles and who fizzles? Well, Morgan Ensberg is batting .467 in June. He homered in his last two games. Jason Lane has been cold but may be heating up. He hit a 2B, 3B, HR and a single in his last 8 ABs. He's always been streaky, so this might be the start of something. And Chris Burke has had three 2Bs in his last two games. Unfortunately for the Astros, the day off on Monday might cool these guys down to the level of the rest of the lineup, which isn't doing that well. They all aren't really hitting, so there's no stand-outs.

As for pitching, the guy to watch is Dan Wheeler, the former Met. He's recorded 8 K's in his last 4 IP and his ERA stands at 1.40. The guy you wanna see on the mound is Chad Qualls, with an ERA of 5.47 and a BAA of .337.

Guys who usta be Astros and are now Mets: Beltran.
Guys who usta be Mets and are now Astros: Wheeler, Franco, Vizcaino

Mound Match-ups
Tuesday: Oswalt (6-6 3.06) v Martinez (6-1 2.62)
Wednesday: Backe (5-3 4.54) v Zambrano (3-5 4.24)
Thursday: Pettitte (3-6 3.47) v Glavine (4-5 4.63)

Each of these Astros pitchers has only won once on the road this year.

The Astros only have two injuries to report. One is big and one is small. Jeff Bagwell is due to have shoulder surgery and is out until at least September. Willy Taveras has a strained left hamstring and is day-to-day.

Jun 06 2005 07:14 PM

Unlucky that we got both Oswalt and Pettitte. But I guess missing Clemens is lucky.

Actually, Pettitte is nothing special.

Jun 06 2005 07:16 PM

missing Clemens AND Oswalt would be nice....but missing either one of them is just fine.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 06 2005 07:19 PM

(not looking it up) Wasn't Backe the guy who hurt us last time?

Couple of hits, nice perforamnce pitching IIRC.