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Why Can't Omar..

Jul 31 2005 03:25 PM

do something like this?
I got the idea from the NFL rule that says you can trade a conditional draft pick that depends on determining the value/ situation at the time the team has to ante up.

Trade a middling minor leaguer (David Bacani?) and a PTBNL to Boston for two PsTBNL.

Trade Prentice Redman and PTBNL to Tampa Bay for two PsTBNL.

Trade Craig Brazell and PTBNL to Cincy for two PsTBNL.

You get the drill.

MLB rules say you have 60 days to complete those deals. By that time, each of the clubs will know whether they should have been buyers or sellers.

Its something Frank Layne or Bill Veeck would have done if the current rules were in effect.


I gotta get some sleep. This trade deadline watching is driving me nutz.

Jul 31 2005 04:00 PM

Yeah, but you're talking about two REAL baseball men.

I loved the story about Charlie Finley calling Veeck's widow and introducing himself..."I'm a maverick, just like your husband."

Her response. "Mr. Finley, you may be a maverick, but you're NOTHING like my husband."

Frayed Knot
Aug 04 2005 09:40 AM

btw, I don't understand where you're going with this one.

The reason for PTBNLs are usually either:
- that the two teams have decided on the player but for various reasons (he's on the DL, or he's not eligible to be traded yet) can't announce the identity at that time
- or that they've yet to decide on which player(s) they want

but, even in that second case, there's usually a small pre-agreed upon group of players where the trade booty will come from. The delay just gives the team more time to evaluate which one(s) they want. It's not like after the 60 days is up a GM would be able to take his recent fortunes into consideration and suddenly choose from a wide and varying horde of the other team's roster. And the same goes for the PTBNLs you'd be giving up.

Either that or there's something I'm not getting here.