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Four-Letter Words

Jul 26 2005 12:57 PM

Greg: That's me. Hi.

Ears: Mine have been burning. I don't know if you were talking about me, but I lit a Q-Tip on fire 'cause I wanted to see inside my ear.

Lurk: I've been known to do that here to keep up on Metsiana and simply be entertained. You guys generally rock.

Blog: That's what me and my cohort at Faith and Fear in Flushing do. Don't be thrown off by the B-word. It was a turnoff to me at first, too. Conjures polemics by twitchy, hypercaffeinated loners who must always be right. But a blog is like a sandwich -- there are good sandwiches and bad sandwiches. It depends on what you fill it with. (It may be like a box of chocolates, though I haven't thought it through that far.) What my pal Jason and I fill Faith and Fear with daily is a mixture of the personal, the analytical, the historical and the funnical, all of it Mets. It's what is done here except in longer form. I veer to lengthy posts. I'm kind of a diva that way.

Mets: I've been a fan since 1969, making me the ultimate frontrunner at the age of six. I think I've since shaken the tag based on continuous service to The Cause.

Geek: I used to find this term patronizing. But honestly, for the time people like us spend on stuff like this, what else could we be?

Exit: Once in a blue and orange moon, I leave a game early. Rarely, but it happens. I'm still gonna say I was there, Edgy.

Edgy: Good guy, however we differ on my record-keeping.

Roll: I hope we're on one, though I'd like to see Colorado get beaten up a couple of times.

Rain: Wish it had continued to do so last night given the result. Nah, not really. A lousy game's always better than a steady rain.

Game: So relieved there's another one tonight.

Late: Which it gets early sometimes. Thanks for all's indulgence and please come on over to Faith and Fear when the mood strikes.


Johnny Dickshot
Jul 26 2005 01:30 PM

Paul: Googly-eyed publishing magnate

Jul 26 2005 01:31 PM
Edited 1 time(s), most recently on Jul 26 2005 02:19 PM

Grin - What one does when a cool new poster like Greg joins the Pool (Edited to work with the four letter word theme).

Jul 26 2005 02:04 PM

Greg: co-writer of one of my favorite blogs - Welcome!

Jul 26 2005 04:54 PM

Greg - welcome from the Yankees fan around these parts. Great blog!

Jul 26 2005 07:06 PM

]Exit: Once in a blue and orange moon, I leave a game early. Rarely, but it happens.

I did this once in my life. Not at a Mets game. It was Giants game, and I had tickets thanks to the girl I was seeing at the time, who got them from her boss. Football was clearly not her favorite thing in the world, so with about a minute to go in the game, I said, "OK, let's go. Nothing more is going to happen. All Pisarcik has to do is fall on the ball three times...."