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Fantasy league

Jul 08 2005 03:16 PM

Tonight I am drafting my own fantasy team (The Woolies). I am hoping to get as many Mets as possible. I figure that will be a second reason to root for them.

Jul 08 2005 03:24 PM

Please don't draft Tom Glavine. I'm living with that decision right now, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

That said, you might want to try to sneak Beltran under the radar; hopefully he has a big second half.

Yancy Street Gang
Jul 08 2005 03:35 PM

George Foster's second half, 1982:


Jul 08 2005 03:37 PM

The point here? Don't draft George Foster. I know he hit 52 home runs once, but he's almost sixty years old; he's not going to help you.

Yancy Street Gang
Jul 08 2005 03:42 PM

Does there have to be a point?

In another thread, we compared Foster and Beltran's first halves.

In this thread, Beltran's second half was mentioned.

I then wondered about Foster's second half, looked into it, and shared what I found.

Jul 08 2005 03:45 PM

Sorry. Forgot to put a smilie or something in there. I knew your point; I was being silly.

Jul 08 2005 04:13 PM

I should clarify. As many Mets as possible, except pitchers.

Jul 08 2005 04:23 PM

This seems to relate to Roto.
Any of you folks into Strat-O-Matic Baseball?

I know a few folks who are, and they even have a certain pitcher famous for a bloody sock in their league.


Jul 08 2005 04:25 PM

Excellent suggestion! Is he ready to roll yet?

Jul 08 2005 04:41 PM

I recently traded Chris Carpenter for Beltran and Brad Wilkerson....

Jul 08 2005 05:21 PM

Irish, that's a steal and a half. I wish Beltran's owner in my league was that frustrated with him.

I LOVE Strat-O-Matic. I never get the chance to play, though, because there just aren't enough hours in the day. Before I got my laptop, though, I would grab a couple of teams, my dice, and a couple of scoresheets and throw them in my suitcase for when I'm on the road. I've even played games on the Port Jeff Ferry.

Jul 08 2005 07:46 PM

Wolf, then this is for you. An email from a member of that 16+ team Strat League.



10 things YOU know for sure

10. when opening a mlb boxscore where a team has scored 16 runs, your player will have gone 0 for 5
9. when noticing that an mlb team allowed only 3 runs, u can take it to the bank that it was your reliever who allowed them
8. u notice that your starter is starting against the padres in petco...u get all perky....he will last 3 innings and get shelled
7. you start the mlb season with three 3 2b men....u feel depth...two will get injured and the other will hit .197
6. you note in the mlb box that your starter only allowed 2 runs in 7 ip...then u note that he allowed 9 hits and 6 walks
5. that seeing your player had only one at bat and was replaced in the third inning is never good news...
4. the young pheenom starter who had a 2.46 era in triple A, will get pounded in mlb
3. the brilliant prospect draft pick u made is blocked by some manager's pet with the big club who has an ob% of .280
2. your minor league prospect will go on a tear hitting .340 with 8 dingers in may but the big club will be healthy as hell....however he'll then slump to 1 for 34 in june and the big club will have a rash of injuries.....but your guy won't get promoted because he's slumping
1. your prospect will get called up....go 0 for 3 with a walk his first game, and then ride the bench for a week and get sent down

bonus thing u know: you will spend all fall and winter calculating at bats and innings pitched for your strat will still be 10 of each short

bonus, bonus: whenever u trade a guy - he will get hot...whenever u trade for a guy - he either will slump or get injured

Jul 11 2005 07:51 AM

I did pretty well drafting my Mets; this is who I got:

Mientkiewicz (reserve)

Someone snapped up Beltran fourth which surprised Mr. cooby and me, even before Pedro. I'll get him when that person is ready to dump him, plus Matsui when the time comes. Also I figure I might as well try to find Castro; he is playing as much as Piazza. Couldn't find him on the list Friday night.

Also got:

Victor Martinez
Richie Sexon (1b til Minky comes back)
Coco Crisp
Trot Nixon
Manny Ramirez
Jorge Cantu (2b til Matsui comes back)
Rob Mackowiak
Francisco Rodriguez
Barry Zito ( for Scarlet Knight)
Omar Vizquel
Edgardo Alfonzo (reserve)

Jul 12 2005 04:48 PM

That's a very Metly roster.

So in semi-related news, I splurged and bought Out Of The Park Baseball, because I needed a new computer baseball game, and this seems to have all the features I want.

I downloaded the 2005 rosters, made the tweaks I wanted to make, and started the season at lunch. Opening Day, Phils at Mets: Pedro goes seven, allowing three runs. We tie the game in the bottom of the seventh on an RBI single by Victor Diaz, and since Pedro had thrown 117 pitches, I went to the pen for Bert.

First batter in the top of the eighth is Pat Burrell.

Home run.

Phils win, 4-3.

Who says computer baseball doesn't imitate life?

Jul 12 2005 06:50 PM

He even haunts the Mets in fake baseball games, grrrr...

So far the guy that snapped up Beltran (Billy Beane) hasn't changed his mind.

Aug 04 2005 10:06 AM

What do you think of this trade offer?

Jason Isringhausen, Esteban Loaiza, Greg Maddux and Larry Walker
Braden Looper, Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez and Victor Zambrano

I'm not going to do it, because my whole team is based on Mets starters (and Manny, and dang he was almost one of us) but just wondering what you all think.

I wouldn't have done it anyway

Aug 04 2005 10:10 AM

Definitely a downgrade for you. Izzy's better than Looper, but not enough to offset the differences going the other way. Zambrano tops Loaiza, Pedro tops Maddux, and Manny is worlds better than Walker.

Aug 04 2005 10:19 AM

Agreed. I should point out that my team has been in first place all but one day since the start (all star break) and this guy offering the trade is in second.

Aug 04 2005 11:17 AM

]Zambrano tops Loaiza

in what world is this?

Loiaza has a better ERA, lower whip & more wins.
Zambrano might have a strikout edge, i havent looked.
Manny >>>> Walker is the reason you cant even consider that trade though.

Aug 04 2005 11:23 AM

You would think he would notice my mostly Mets lineup wouldn't you?

Plus, I wouldn't give up Pedro to my own mother
or Manny to my own dad

Aug 04 2005 11:34 AM

]Manny >>>> Walker is the reason you cant even consider that trade though.
Not to mention Pedro >>>> Maddux.

Aug 05 2005 07:09 PM

Officially declined...

Aug 13 2005 10:06 AM

So now what?

I have to deactivate Cameron but I'd rather put him on reserves, not release him.
I'm only allowed six outfielders and what I wanted to do is disable him and reactivate Trot Nixon, but he is "taking his time" and "easing back in" according to Friday's paper. Dang.

I think I will have to release Cameron, pick up Diaz, and hope like heck when Cameron comes back, I hear it first before any of my league mates do.

Beltran does not belong to me, some guy who won't trade him.

I have until Monday to decide, hmmm....

Still in first place, btw.

Edgy DC
Aug 13 2005 10:27 AM

Release Trot, pick up Diaz.

Aug 13 2005 10:29 AM

Really? You think? Trot's been good to me. And I'm thinking he'll be back in a week or two.

If I thought Cameron was really out for the season, I wouldn't be so hesitant to release him, but it's too soon to say.

I am picking up Diaz, no question there

Aug 13 2005 03:08 PM

as a fantasy owner you have to think of cameron as done for the year, even if he comes back i cant see his offense being valuable to a roto team as i doubt he'll be hitting many homers or stealing many bases in his condition. drop him for Diaz before anyone else learns that Diaz is the man.

Aug 13 2005 03:50 PM

="Nymr83"] drop him for Diaz before anyone else learns that Diaz is the man.

A very valid point.

Aug 14 2005 10:18 AM

Diaz is now a Woolie

Sep 11 2005 05:30 PM

Looper's gone. Trachsel's in.

I'm not worried about missing out on any saves or anything...

Lineup starting Monday will be

Castro, Ramon
Martinez, Victor J.
Sexson, Richie
Cantu, Jorge
Wright, David
Reyes, Jose
Crisp, Coco
Diaz, Victor
Floyd, Cliff
Mackowiak, Rob
Ramirez, Manny
Nixon, Trot
Vizquel, Omar
Benson, Kris
Glavine, Tom
Martinez, Pedro
Rodriguez, Francisco
Seo, Jae
Trachsel, Steve
Wells, David
Zambrano, Victor
Zito, Barry

Still on Reserve til I can figure out whether it's worth bringing them back:
Piazza, Mike
Mienkiewicz, Doug