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All purpose Logo Battle discussion thread

Yancy Street Gang
Jul 01 2005 02:22 PM

Something this vital needs its own thread.

Here's what I picked up from the Indians vs. Giants battle:

seawolf: How is this even a question? The Indians logo sucks.

Edgy DC: Deomcratic society. The logos drew each other in round one.

YSG: How many logos are participating in this battle?

Edgy DC: As many as I can find or until things get so boring you try to kill me with those rocky hands.

Edgy DC: Winner is the first to ten votes, and then we'll get to the second matchup.

Johnny Dickshot: This is important stuff -- you can't set the field as you go! Get 24 or 32 or 64 or whatever and set this thing up proper.

Edgy DC: Giants win 7-3.

YSG: I thought the winner needed ten votes? If the voting ends after a total of ten votes, when there's a 5-5 tie then I guess you have to hope that an 11th person votes.

Edgy DC: Yeah, I guess I kind of changed the rules arbitrarily. Anybody with the time and insanity to set up a 264-logo bracket, or whatever, feel free. Otherwise, maybe Uni-Watch will.

Yancy Street Gang
Jul 02 2005 08:06 AM

Anyway, here's what I think I was going to post in this thread yesterday afternoon, before all whiteness broke loose:

Rather than take on the monumental task of finding 64 or 128 or 256 logos to enter into this tournament, you could just keep posting one-on-ones until we have 64 winners. (Or 128, or 256...) At that point, the second round seedings could begin and could be based on the margin of victory. A logo that won 10-0 would be a top seed, a 6-5 would be lower ranked. Then traditional NCAA tourney rules could apply.

Just a thought.

Johnny Dickshot
Jul 02 2005 08:27 AM

Good idea. Then we'll inform Uni Watch that it's going on, and we'll get lots of ink there, lots of visitors and become Internet Rock Stars!