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Baseball Scorecards

Jun 22 2005 05:56 PM

I am looking to buy just a basic book of scorecards so I can keep all of mine in the same place instead of having a bunch of programs from games. However, my search throught the internet has been pretty much a dismal failure so far. The only thing I found seems to be a bit more than what I want (like 2 out of every 4 pages is dedicated to where you sat and what you ate. . .I don't want that, just a set of score cards).

So, basically, I was wondering if any of you help me in my quest for the elusive scorecard.


Johnny Dickshot
Jun 22 2005 06:03 PM

I highly recommend "vertical enhanced scorecard" from the download page. These aren't easily binderable but work fine in file folders or whatever.

Jun 22 2005 06:14 PM

I use the v e s from there too.

Jun 22 2005 06:54 PM

I got frustrated with all the scorecards available, so I made my own on Excel, made a bunch of copies, and had it bound at Staples. It cost me about five bucks total, and I have exactly what I want. I make a new one each year. (Okay, so this is technically only the second year I've done it, but I will make a new one each year.)

Jun 22 2005 07:06 PM

I've been wanting to modify the v e s in Adobe Acrobat to print on a legal
size piece of paper so I can have a section for notes and stuff. I like writing
down dumb stuff at a game sometimes and I also like to footnote stuff.

Jun 22 2005 07:12 PM

I've seen spiral bound books of scorecards. Ask your local Little League or High School coach where to get one. They hold an entire season's games (or more) together, and there isn't any nonsense stuff on the pages.


Jun 22 2005 07:51 PM

[url][/url] Gene Elston did PBP for the Astros for about 25 years, so I'm sure there's no nonsense in this book.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 22 2005 08:06 PM

When I used to score games for a living, I trusted Big Red scorebooks:

Looks like 5.95 for 26 games.


Jun 22 2005 08:28 PM

The sample on Elston's page looks cool too. Lot of info crammed into one
page and I'm diggin' that diamond up top.

I used Big Red when DL'd and coaching third in softball. A good book.

Jun 22 2005 08:28 PM

Any sporting goods store worth its salt (Modells, Sports Authority ect) should have scorekeeping books for most sports (including soccer, LAX, ect)

Thats were I got mine for baseball and basketball for High School scoring


Jun 22 2005 09:00 PM

Thanks for the help. My problem is that I was searching for "scorecards." Once I tried "score cards," "scorebooks" and "score books" kept popping up and it was easier to find what I wanted.

I tried B&N, a local bookshop and swung by fenway to see if the souvenir shops were open (which they weren't) and had no luck. I went to Sports Authority and they had one, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I bought it anyway cause it was only $4.19.

I might end up going the seawolf way. . .care to send me your .xls sheet so I have somewhere to start?

Although, I really like the "vertical extended" one JD pointed out. . .so I might try to do with that one.

But now I just looked at the page our local bisexual posted and I kind of like that too.

Y'all were supposed to make this EASIER, not more difficult. heheheh

Jul 03 2005 06:12 PM

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