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Mientkiewicz at Shea: An Appeal to Our Coaches, Dougie

Jun 22 2005 08:02 AM

So on this road trip so far, Mientkiewicz has the following line in 16 at bats:

.313 AVG/.389 OBP/.625 SLG/1.014 OPS

During the most recent homestand in 20 AB:

.150 AVG/.227 OBP/.200 SLG/.427 OPS

The road trip prior to that in 20 AB:

.300 AVG/.333 OBP/.450 SLG/.783

It goes on and on. There are no homestands where he's batted better than .250.

OPS at home (90 AB): .471
Away (95 AB): .833

He's had only 3 XBH at home compared to 9 away.

Ladies and gentleman, I submit to you that playing at Shea is the root of Mientkiewicz's problem. His hot/cold streaks exactly coincide with where he's playing. I think it's gone on too long for this to be a fluke. So what do we do about it? Well, is it crazy to platoon someone based on H/A splits?

Or what about trying to get Mientkiewicz to do something different with the ball at Shea? Players routinely make adjustments and you'd think if Acta worked with him on taking the ball the other way or trying to pull it or whatever before games at Shea, we'd be able to have SOME impact without totally ruining his swing, right? Or maybe it's not the stadium, it's the fans and he's pressing for them. He sucked at Fenway last year, too, so maybe we should have someone explore that possibility . . .

Anyway, until we trade for a young 1B, we're stuck with Mientkiewicz/Daubach, and our coaches should be aware that SOMETHING is going on when Mientkiewicz hits at Shea. Let's work on it, boys. If we can get Mientkiewcz to produce a .833 OPS everywhere and not just away from Shea, we'll be a much improved team. Hell, if we can get him to produce a .650 OPS at Shea and a .833 OPS everywhere else, we'll be a much improved team.

edited for a little expansion, clarification, and a comma in the subject.

Edgy DC
Jun 22 2005 08:17 AM

I think it's gone on too long for this to be a fluke.

I've got to disagree.

It certainly could be something related to playing at home -- configuration, extra pressure, uncomfortable home uniforms, but I'm going to go with the simplest solution -- sample sizes -- being most likely.

I'll take his good game along with Daubach's pinch homer last night, and be happy that we have two options there now.

Jun 22 2005 10:23 AM

Oh, I'll take it too, don't get me wrong . . . And maybe you're right that it's a fluke, but that split is soooo drastic . . . The next guy down is Beltran, who has an OPS difference of .116 (as opposed to .362 for Mientkiewicz).

I'm leaving out Cam, because he only has 44 Away AB, but his difference is .616 OPS points. Crazy, huh?