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The Brooklyn Cyclones

Jun 21 2005 11:21 PM

The Cyclones won the home opener tonight 10-7,they beat the Staten Island Yankees. Mookie is the coach and that is reason enough to have good feelings about this team.

You can listen to the games live here..

Ted Robinson mentioned during the game tonight about a USA Today article on the it is and it's a great read...

]Class A Cyclones a bridge to Brooklyn baseball lore
By Scott Clipp, USA TODAY
The beginning of a minor league season usually doesn't garner much attention outside of local fans, but that's not the case tonight with the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Since baseball returned to Brooklyn, N.Y., in 2001 44 years after the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles the Class A affiliate of the New York Mets has established a devout, far-flung following.

Fans from as far as Colorado, Minnesota and Italy will make the pilgrimage to Coney Island's KeySpan Park this summer.

Some return to rekindle a passion that was lost when the Dodgers left Ebbets Field in 1957. Others simply are attracted by the lure of baseball in the borough.

"It feels great to go back and see baseball in Brooklyn," says Allyn Keller, an Aurora, Colo., resident who was 5 when the Dodgers moved.

"The Cyclones allow for the people of Brooklyn to fill that old dream. For them, it's a new existence."

Luca Rossi of Bologna, Italy, has followed the Cyclones through the Internet since their first season.

"I don't really have an attachment to Brooklyn or the Cyclones, but I know the history of the Dodgers," Rossi says. "The idea of bringing baseball to Brooklyn was wonderful."

Rossi, who named Brooklyn first-year manager Mookie Wilson as his all-time favorite baseball player, will make his first trip to KeySpan Park in August.

Wilson, who spent 10 years with the Mets, can already tell there is a different buzz around baseball in Brooklyn.

"There's no other place in the minor leagues that has this," Wilson says. "That's AA and AAA, too. We have big-league excitement in a minor league ballpark."

Cyclones general manager Steve Cohen says the team has been a major factor in the increase of tourism to Coney Island.

"When we came (to Coney Island), we brought people back who haven't been here for years," Cohen says. "Suddenly, the Cyclones were a good reason for them to come back."

Pete Piscitello of Clive, Iowa, and his dad have nearly completed their journey to all 30 major league ballparks. In their final summer of a three-year tour of big-league stadiums, they are taking a detour to KeySpan to see a Cyclones game. It will be Piscitello's first trip to Brooklyn.

"I've read a lot about the history of Brooklyn baseball and I was really interested to see a game in Brooklyn," Piscitello says. "It's like baseball is a cultural event there.

"Baseball is just different in Brooklyn."

Vic Sage
Jun 22 2005 11:03 AM

it was a great night at the park.

Clones have a second baseman, armand something or other, who made a couple of terrific plays and got a key hit late in the game.

I say bring him up now!

there was also a Venezuelan HS OFer who hit a 2-run HR.

the team was running and bunting WAAAAY too much. Doesn't Mookie know that BIFL?

... oh, and "Relish" finally won the hotdog/condiment race!

Jun 22 2005 11:13 AM

Mookie wants them to be very aggressive, 6 for 9 SB.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 23 2005 04:51 PM

The Wides, I mean: Dickshots, will be attending to-nites Clones-MFYs game in Staten Island. It will be the first time I've ever been in Staten Island not in a car or bus, I believe.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 24 2005 12:24 AM
Edited 1 time(s), most recently on Jun 24 2005 08:04 AM

Cyclones 6, Staten Island MFYs 4

It was a real nice night for a ballgame, and a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to Richmond Savings Bank ballpark, or whatever it's called, home of the SI MFYs.

As I say, this was the first time I ever was in SI and outside a car, to my knowledge. It's a short walk from the ferry landing to the park.

Nice park. Not as chaotic or as loud (or as crowded) as Brooklyn. Basically the same size and shape, seating/layout-wise, tho the field dimensions are smaller (318 down the lines, 390 to dead center). There were lots of empty seats down the lines though. Excellent views of lower Manhattan, Jersey and Brooklyn across the water. There's a 9-11 tribute thingy there and a lot of other stuff. It's a nice project in a nice setting.

It really didn't feel like a MFY experience: For one thing, there were as many, if not more, fans in Cyclones gear. There was a whole lot less Yankee Branding (a good thing), as compared the Clones, who to me seem like they belong to the Mets. The staff were all polite and stuff.

Our seats were great: Right behind home plate, 10 rows up. We cheered Mookie in and out of the dugout each inning (he coaches at 3rd) and he heard us I'm sure.

The MFY's gave out a free scorecard with MFY players listed but not Cyclones. (also, a free magnetic schedule). The Yanks started a guy called Pendelton, who they just drafted in the 4th round. The Clones went with Dominican righty Jorge Reyes.

The Clones scored first when Greg Gonzalez singled, went to second on a bad pickoff throw, and scored on Jabe Bergeron's single. Gonzalez, who was just drafted and played CF, really smoked his hit. The MFYs tied it with single, walk, balk, groundout.

Josh Peterson, who spent last year with Kingsport, opened the second inning with a first-pitch homer down the LF line. He was the Clones' hitting star of the day: He also had a single, a SB, reached on an error, hit a hard out, and scored another run.

The MFYs went ahead 4-2, scoring all their runs off Reyes who left after getting hit pretty hard in the 4th. We tied it in the the fifth on a couple of singles, a passed ball, a wild pitch and a groundout then put it away with two in the 6th.

The Big Play in the 6th came when Clones' RFer Jonel Pacheo (not much of an outfielder, btw) hit a liner to the MFY SS, with two men on. Peterson was caught off first and was going to be doubled up when the throw to first hit him in the back, allowing the insurance run to score. The MFYs made 3 errors, and a few PBs and WPs on the night.

The Clones bullpen combined for 5 innings of scoreless, 1-hit ball. Junkballing lefty Kevin Tomasiewicz, who we just drafted, was excellent (4 weak grounders and a K in 5 batters); RHP Travis Hope went 2.1, giving up a single and 2 walks and Aristides Almenar closed em out in the 9th, working around a nonchalance-inflicted error by Jon Malo at SS and a dropped foul popup by catcher Rafael Arroyo. The highlight of Almenar''s night was freezing 3rd round MFY draftee Gardner with a 3rd strike.

I was disappointed not to have seen my adopted son Bobby Parnell, nor highly-drafted catcher Sal Butera (is he hurt? He didn;t play last nite either) and judging by the swings tonight the Clones don't appear they'll have the most dynamic O in the league, but all in all, a fun night made better when I learned, waiting for the ferry back to civilization that the Big MFYs also blew a 4-4 tie and lost to minor leaguers tonight.

SI Metman
Jun 24 2005 03:06 AM

Staten Island doesn't sell out period. That's why it's easier to see Cyclones games there 6 times a year then it is to go to Coney Island. I actually saw a guy in a Cyclones Jersey getting on the train to the stadium when I was running some errands this evening, and I agree that RCBK's concourses seem a lot bigger than Keyspan. I'm going there Monday for the MFY-Hudson Valley Renegades game.

Nice to see Mookie's boys 2-1 on the season.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 24 2005 08:03 AM

The closer IDed above wasn't Sal Aguilar, but Aristides Almenar . Will edit.

Edgy DC
Jun 24 2005 08:05 AM

Did you keep score?

If so, scan that sucka in.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 24 2005 08:15 AM

How's it look?

Edgy DC
Jun 24 2005 08:46 AM

Thanks. A lot of Ks through the early-mid innings for Yankee pitchers.

This is the New York-Penn league. You need more than five slots for pitchers on your scorecards.

Does that little curlicue to the left of the pitchers indicate somebody was throwing smoke?

Jun 24 2005 09:00 AM

I don't like that NY Penn League logo on the scorecard. Makes it too hard to read some of the scoring and looks messy.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 24 2005 10:06 AM

That's also actual size. The scoring columns were ridiculously narrow.

'Curly lines indicate "pen not writing"

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 26 2005 03:28 PM

Does the CPF have a Clones reporter?

We just took 2 from Cal Ripken's Aberdeen Ironbirds.

On Friday, we won 6-5, beating up the Birds bullpen with 3-runs in each the 6th & 7th. My adopted son Bobby Parnell made his Pro debut, getting the start and going 3 innings, with 5 K's -- including the side looking in the first inning -- 2 walks and only 1 hit. The winner was Sal Aguilar, also making his pro debut. He went 3 innings and allowed 1 run and whiffed 3. Jon Malo was the offensive stud with 3 hits, 2 RS and 2 RBI.

5th-round draftee catcher Sal Butera made his debut and went 0-4 but gunned out the first only attempted basestealer to complete a strike-em-out, throw-em-out with future Met batterymate Parnell.

They defeated Aberdeen Saturday 4-2 despite being outhit 10-7. The key blow was a 3-run homer from Butera for his 1st pro hit. Also, Jon Malo hit a HR. Waner Mateo got the start and the win, going 5 scoreless with 3 hits, 0 BBs and 4 Ks. The Birds scratched single runs in the 8th and 9th off Kyle Risinger and Eric Brown (save).

We're 4-1 and start a home/away/home 3-gamer with the Jersey Cardinals on Monday.

Jun 26 2005 05:04 PM

I think Norrin might be our Brooklyn reporter, great report Johnny, you two should fight it out, PPV style.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 26 2005 07:02 PM

I'll kick his South Beach Dietin' ass.

Johnny Dickshot
Jul 16 2005 12:37 PM

Clones are 13-10, according to the MiLB standings and have last 3 straight to Williamsport.

The team is hitting very poorly and pitching OK.

OF Caleb Stewart (306/425/569) and 1B Josh Peterson 301/341/434 are doing well but just about everyone else is sucking BHMC including everyday INFs Jon Malo (muy malo, at .212) and Armand Gaerlan (.203) and Tim Grogan (.163). Yuk.

5th-round Draft choice Drew Butera is 3 for his first professional 34 (.088!!!!!). Ow.

Did I mention Caleb Stewart is raking?

The pitching is pretty strong led by Jeff Landing (1-3, 3.12, 22 Ks in 26 IP), Bobby Parnell (1-0, 0.00 12 Ks, 12 IP) and Orlando Rengel (0-0, 1.96, 22 K's in 23 IP)

Mars needs women. The Clones need hitting.

Frayed Knot
Aug 02 2005 11:01 AM

Perhaps the Mets got a find in righthander Bobby Parnell, their ninth-round pick out of Charleston Southern. ... The projectable 6-foot-3, 175-pounder went just 3-5, 8.86 in the Southern Conference this spring, but he lowered his ERA in the short-season New York-Penn League to 1.26 with five dominant innings. Parnell, who has a low-90s fastball and hard slider, struck out eight while giving up three hits and two walks. He’s 2-0 and has 35 strikeouts in 35 2/3 innings on the year, and while he’s walked 17, he’s given up just 17 hits (.139 opponents average).

Edgy DC
Aug 02 2005 11:08 AM

It also speaks well of him that they started him out in Brooklyn, rather than burying him further south.

Vic Sage
Aug 02 2005 02:31 PM

i can't be the CYCLONES correspondent, since i only go to a few games a year. Heck, fellas, i'm in Westchester, fer krisakes.

Aug 06 2005 12:47 AM

Cyclones broke a 3-3 tie against the Expos in the sixth on a grand slam by DH Caleb Stewart. Stewart went 2-3 with a single, a walk & a SB to go with the dinger. Parnell was sharp early, striking out 5 of the first 9 batter he faced, before giving up a ground ball single to lead off the fourth. He struggled after that--seemed to have some problems locating his slider while pitching from the stretch and got lifted one out into the sixth after giving up two cheap singles followed by a solid single to center field.

He ended the game having given up 6 hits, 3 runs, K'ing 6 & walking none. I was pretty impressed watching him. I didn't have a good angle to see his pitches, but he seemed to have a decent change--couple swings WAY out in front. It might have been his slider, though, which had some nice downward movement on it. I didn't find the radar gun board until after he'd left, so no idea of how fast he was throwing, but it looked like high eighties or more to me. Definitely the hardest thrower out there today. Tall, lanky fellow with a high knee set. He worked fast, not giving the batters much time and seemed pretty smooth & consistent when not working from the stretch.

After giving up his first hit to the speedy Contreras to lead off the fourth, he neglected to so much as look at him and let him take a huge lead. Contreras got a great jump but Butera made it close with a nice throw. After that, he gave up a hard-hit double to Thiessen, which brought Contreras in. The CF Plasencia reached on an error by 3B Peterson (the first of two for him), which advanced Thiessen to third. 3B Davis then hit a sac fly into left, scoring Thiessen, but Pacheco made a strong throw to second to nail Plasencia. Parnell got the next batter, Apodeca, to tap a late-breaking slider back to him, and he ran it over to first to end the inning.

Butera walked, struck out swinging, popped up to left and popped up to third. Evans looked good at first, making a nice diving stop on a hard-hit ball in the eighth to start what should have been a double play, but the pitcher Almanar didn't get over to cover first in time for the relay from second. He also went 2-4 with a triple and a single. Holden had a nice game as well, with a ribbie double in the 6th and a single in the eighth.

A pretty ugly game, really--a couple errors and a few near-misses. Our middle infielders didn't show much range--neither did RF Garnero, for that matter, who seemed like he was playing too deep most of the night.

Still, a fine night for some baseball, and the good guys won in dramatic fashion, so I can't complain. Not to mention the Friday Night Fireworks . . . All the kids at the park seemed to be having a great time and the "Beach Bums" did a nice job of making it fun for them in between innings, bringing them on top of the dugouts for dance routines, etc. My non-baseball friends had a good time too, and enjoyed the between-inning games . . . My sausage hogie sucked, but my corn dog was good and my girlfriend's hot fudge sundae was pretty awesome . . . Beer was cold and plentiful. And the Cyclone rules.

Speaking of Coney Island, I'd like to give a shout out to the sword swallower from the freak show, whom I met via my girlfriend a few months ago. She's pretty much the sweetest thing ever and the sword swallowing thing is, in fact, freaky. She's got this endearingly awkward schtick to go with it and, again, is just ridiculously cute. I haven't seen the rest of the freak show, so I can't vouch for that, but she was pretty fun to watch.

The new shop signs down by Coney Island, by the way, are part of an artist's collective who are trying to bring back the old-school, hand-made signs from the early part of the century. Good stuff.

Frayed Knot
Aug 18 2005 04:32 PM

A 21st-round pick out of Division II Molloy College on Long Island [and Wantagh HS], Joe Holden is opening some eyes in the short-season New York-Penn League. The outfielder went 3-for-4 with two RBIs and two runs scored to help lead Brooklyn to a 9-1 victory against New Jersey. On the season, the 21-year-old is hitting .335/.399/.432 with 16 stolen bases in 19 attempts.

Edgy DC
Aug 18 2005 04:48 PM



Aug 18 2005 11:09 PM

Kudos to Jon Heyman for getting the word out on this, Brooklyn Cyclones shortstop Jonathan Malo's Mother needs help in a bad way.,0,3031992.column?page=1&coll=ny-sports-columnists

A donation on behalf of the forum?

Edgy DC
Aug 18 2005 11:54 PM

I don't think we anything so organized. Just follow the link:

Vic Sage
Aug 19 2005 01:49 PM

i went to the game last night.

beautiful evening, with a pleasant sea breeze wafting in from the boardwalk.

"italian american night" seemed a rather redundant promotion in this neighborhood, but so it was. I caught a t-shirt hurled from the ballustrade above by a guy in a seagull suit.

Cyclones are playing the "cutters". It would seem impolite to name a team after an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but hey... its Brooklyn. Impolite is what we do best.

The Clone pitcher is all over the place, except for the strike zone. He's gone by the 3rd or 4th. The game is dragging on, taking over an hour for the first 3 innings.

Then, in the 4th inning, with our boys down 3-0, we get 2 men on with nobody out. So guess what Mookie has the next hitter do? Did you guess? I bet you did! He.... (drum roll, please)............. (wait for it)........ BUNTS! Not surprisingly, we don't score.

eventually, we get back 1 run, then another. Down 3-2 in the ninth, the Clones tie it up in exciting fashion, with a big hit by their big hitter, Caleb Stewart. I love that name. But with the bases loaded and nobody out, we fail to score another run. All Star Joe Holden strikes out. EXTRA INNINGS!

we load the bases again in the 10th and don't score. ugh.

but we push the winner across in the 11th, and the remaining Italian-Americans cheer "Bravo!"