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Cyclones opening day...

Vic Sage
Jun 20 2005 11:08 AM

tomorrow night (tuesday 6/21) against the S.I. Yanks. I'm gonna be there... anybody else?

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 20 2005 12:14 PM

My crappy computer can't handle the busy Cyclones website but I do believe I captured a roster:


22 Salvador Aguilar, RHP
19 Edgar Alfonzo, LHP
29 Eric Brown, RHP
30 Joe D'Alessandro, RHP
0 Erik Domangue, LHP
16 Jared Eichelberger, RHP
17 Travis Hope, RHP
0 Jeff Landing, RHP
49 Warner Mateo, RHP
39 Bobby Parnell, RHP
43 Orlando Rengel, RHP
40 Jorge Reyes, RHP
0 Kyle Risinger, RHP
46 Kevin Tomasiewicz, LHP
45 Jason Weintraub, RHP

5 Rafael Arroyo R/R
11 Drew Butera R/R
23 Jeff Timmons R/R

47 Jabe Bergeron R/R 1B
8 Matt Fisher R/R 2B
6 Armand Gaerlan R/R 2B
34 Timothy Grogan L/R 3B
4 Jonathan Malo R/R SS
20 Joseph Mihalics R/R UT
3 Ivan Naccarata R/R UT
10 Josh Petersen R/R 3B
38 DJ Wabick L/R 1B

12 Jesus Gamero, R/R
21 Greg Gonzalez. L/L
35 Joseph Holden. L/R
7 Jonel Pacheco. R/R
44 Michael Sharpe, L/R
24 Caleb Stewart, R/R

Willets Point
Jun 20 2005 12:26 PM

Those of you who are childless, please adopt someone from the list above.

Jun 20 2005 12:28 PM

Is Edgar Alfonzo related to the Mets' legacy of Alfonzos? Weird.

SI Metman
Jun 20 2005 12:41 PM

I'm still debating if I want to do Clones-Yanks at St George or Mets-Phils at CBP on Wednesday.

Edgy DC
Jun 20 2005 01:10 PM

Edgar Alfonzo is Edgardo's nephew.

My dead essay was about the Mets who did extended spring training this year, including Alfonzo. This'll be his fourth straight year in short-season ball.

Frayed Knot
Jun 20 2005 02:49 PM

2005 Draft Pick 'Clones:

22 Salvador Aguilar, RHP - (29th round) -- Lewis-Clark State Univ (Idaho)
29 Eric Brown, RHP - (18) -- Wingate Univ (NC)
30 Joe D'Alessandro, RHP - (23) -- College of New Jersey
0 Erik Domangue, LHP - (16) -- Alvin Texas JuCo
39 Bobby Parnell, RHP - (9) -- Charlestown Southern Univ
0 Kyle Risinger, RHP - (24) -- Galveston (Oh Galveston) CC
46 Kevin Tomasiewicz, LHP - (26) -- Univ Wisconson-Whitewater

11 Drew Butera R/R - (5th) -- Univ of Central Florida

34 Timothy Grogan L/R 3B - (19) -- W Kentucky Univ
20 Joseph Mihalics R/R UT - (34) -- Univ of Buffalo
38 DJ Wabick L/R 1B - (25) -- College of Charlestown

21 Greg Gonzalez. L/L - (28) -- Chico State Univ (CA)
35 Joseph Holden. L/R - (21) -- Wantagh (L.I.) HS & Molloy College
44 Michael Sharpe, L/R - (35) -- St. Thomas Aquinas College (NY)

Vic Sage
Jun 22 2005 11:18 AM

last night's game...

Rafael Arroyo (c). He's 5' nothing... practically a smurf.

Armand Gaerlan (2b) has incredible range, and made a couple of terrific plays. Also got a key hit late in the game. BRING HIM UP NOW!

Timothy Grogan (3b). I have no recollection of him doing anything in particular

Jonathan Malo (ss) hit at the top of the order, looked pretty quick. I think he's from Montreal.

DJ "shhh, i'm hunting" Wabick (1b) failed to scoop a low throw that could have been costly.

Jesus Gamero,Greg Gonzalez and Caleb Stewart were in the OF. Each hit and fielded well. Gamero hit a 2-run hr and Gonzalez made a couple of great catches in CF.

i don't remember who the pitchers were. The starter was a righty, and did pretty well and showed some poise. the reliever got lit up.

the team was running, forcing errors, bunting for hits, hitting behind the runner... all the "smallball" stuff. Mookie must've gotten the memo from WWSB.

a great night at the park. Constantine from "american idol" sang the anthem!

Jun 22 2005 11:22 AM

Sorry, I should have put my Cyclone thread in here, I looked last night but didn't see this...glad you had fun.