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Historical Managerial Strategy

Jun 18 2005 01:13 AM

September 11, 1958: Orioles manager Paul Richards lists three pitchers in his starting line-up, hoping for a scoring chance in the first inning, at which point he can remove the extra pitchers for a batter of his choice. Billy O'Dell, batting 9th at P; Jack Harshman in CF, batting 5th; Milt Pappas at 2B, batting 7th. Only O'Dell bats as he goes to 1411, losing to KC's Ned Garver, 71.

Jun 19 2005 02:15 PM
Paul Richards

Richards was also the manager of the Chisox on September
30, 1976 when he made the club's batting order in numerical order by position (except for Minnie Minoso, who was 53 years old at the time, hitting 9th at DH)

The lineup that day was:

Downing 2
L. Johnson 3
Stein 4
Bell 5
Dent 6
Bannister 7
Lemon 8
Hairston 9
Minoso DH

Jun 19 2005 10:14 PM

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