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TrIpLe CrApPiNeSs

Willets Point
Jun 15 2005 08:16 AM
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You have to accept the bad with the good, the dark with the light.

June 14
Mets 0, Athletics 5
Braves 7, Rangers 2
Pirates 0, Yankees 9

Plus it's cold and rainy. I have a chest cold. Edgy lost a long essay. Joe Christopher still hasn't arrived

Things are pretty crappy. Find some dour pictures. Misery loves company.

I hope this is cathartic.

OE: And I spelled "Triple" wrong!

Jun 15 2005 08:19 AM

It's still sunny and hot here and I have to clean.
I have a headache.
I am supposed to be in a parade Saturday

Jun 15 2005 08:59 AM

They're having a parade in anticipation of cooby's birthday?

Jun 15 2005 09:03 AM

Yeah, how about it? I drew the line at wearing the ermine cape though

Jun 15 2005 09:17 AM

Well, it's WAY too hot for ermine. But you will have on a diamond tiara, right?

Jun 15 2005 09:19 AM

Oh, yeah...

Jun 15 2005 09:54 AM

Cooby, happy pre-birthday.

WP- is this a new category? I thought the old Triple Happiness was Mets and Red Sox win and Yankees lose.
Since when did the Braves creep into the picture?
Not that it doesn't make sense, but I'm curious if this is an official change.


Willets Point
Jun 15 2005 09:58 AM

Triple Happiness is a Mets win paired with losses by the Yankees and the Braves.
Triple Crappiness is the exact opposite.
The Red Sox don't enter it.

Edgy DC
Jun 15 2005 10:00 AM

It's always been Mets win, Braves lose, Yankees lose.

Triple hap can be expanded to quadruple and quntruple by losses by other Met division rivals or wins by other Yankee division rivals, but those have always been the three points in the crown.

Jun 15 2005 10:22 AM

So last year during the AL Pennant Chase, when I saw that Boston was being included, it must have been one of those "expansion" times.

Got it.
Its much more fun to root for a Braves loss than a Red Sox win anyhow.



SI Metman
Jun 15 2005 12:57 PM

So how often has Triple Crappiness occured in the last decade? Probably too often.

Jun 15 2005 01:12 PM

Hey. I'm Larry Bearnarth.
I pitched against him in College.


Willets Point
Jun 15 2005 01:23 PM

Pictures of anguish people!

It'll make you feel better!

Jun 15 2005 01:29 PM

These guys were pissed when they heard the scores..

Jun 15 2005 01:35 PM

Jun 15 2005 01:59 PM

Jun 15 2005 02:01 PM
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Had to take those out because they linked to a naughty site and for some reason didn't work. . . didn't want anyone to accidentally go there. . .

but it was a great picture, damnit!

Edgy DC
Jun 15 2005 02:06 PM

Scarlet may want to resize or realign her images.

Boy those three red X's look sad.

Jun 15 2005 02:10 PM

Scarlet isn't sure how to do that. If an admin wishes to do it for Scarlet, that's cool with her.

Willets Point
Jun 15 2005 02:11 PM

Scarlett's talking like Squid!

Jun 15 2005 02:23 PM

You know, that Squid is always taking credit for talking like Rickey. Rickey don't get no credit for inventing Rickeyspeak. Rickey knows triple crappiness when Rickey sees it, and Rickey knows Rickeyspeak when Rickey rickeys Rickey Rickey.

Willets Point
Jun 19 2005 12:16 AM

Mets 1, Mariners 4
Cubs 1, Yankees 8
Braves 6, Reds 1

Edgy DC
Jun 19 2005 12:29 PM



Willets Point
Jun 19 2005 08:52 PM

Thank the Reds for keeping this from being a Triply Crappy Father's Day, but it's still a double flusher and don't feel so good.

Message to the Mets, only YOU can stop this crappiness!!!!

Willets Point
Jun 27 2005 10:50 AM

On Sunday, the Braves completed their sweep of the Orioles, while the Mets were unable to complete a sweep of the Yankees, which means just one thing:


Jul 06 2005 07:07 AM

July 5, 2005

Nats 3, Mets 2
MFYs 12, Orioles 3
Braves 5, Cubs 1

Giant Squidlike Creature
Aug 19 2005 10:29 AM

Reclaimed from General Archives. Sadly we may see use for this again this season.

Willets Point
Aug 28 2005 06:29 PM

I hate to mention it, but this has been a bowel-clenching, Triply Crappy weekend:

I hate baseball.

Willets Point
Aug 31 2005 11:53 PM

Hate to bust this out so soon, but the Mets lost, the Yanks won, and the Braves won one game of a doubleheader. So that means one thing,


Get it? Craps? Snake eyes!

Oh hell... I'm going to bed.

Sep 01 2005 07:21 AM

Actually, it's more like double and a half crappiness...

Edgy DC
Sep 01 2005 07:23 AM

Crappy right on top of the happy. Get used to it now, kids.

Willets Point
Sep 05 2005 08:39 PM

Mets lost = 1 crappy
Braves win = 1 crappy
MFY's gain 1/2 game in AL East w/o even playing = 1/2 crappy
MFY's gain 1/2 game in AL wild card w/o even playing = 1/2 crappy


If anyone wishes to argue with my Math I may add that the Mets lost TO THE Braves and this all happened in September. A truly crappy day.

Sep 05 2005 09:43 PM

I don't like this thread. It makes me sad. Save some room for me next to those three infants.
This post was under the designation 163) Charlie Neal

SI Metman
Sep 07 2005 08:33 PM

I think a new record was set. From Triple Happiness to Triple Crapiness in 3.2 seconds.

Rockin' Doc
Sep 07 2005 08:44 PM

Sep 07 2005 08:54 PM

Sep 08 2005 06:29 AM

And take your sideburns with ya