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Bob Raissman is the best.

Jun 14 2005 09:56 AM

Had a great laugh reading this, Steve Phillips is such a sleaze ball..

]It only Sturtze when we laugh at radio booth

The Yankees' pathetic road trip did absolutely nothing to stop the arrogance coming out of the radio booth, where dealing in reality is never a priority.
On Radio Al Yank, fairy tales can come true - as long as you believe your audience has no memory.

When Tanyon Sturtze entered Sunday's contest in the seventh with the Yankees leading St. Louis 2-1, radiocasters John Sterling and Suzyn (Georgie Girl) Waldman went absolutely gaga over the reliever, who they said was a member in good standing of the Yankees' "troika," which includes Tom Gordon and Mariano Rivera.

"They have given up almost no runs," Sterling said.

How often have they pitched lately? And what exactly was the Yankees' (troika? shmoika?) record on the road trip when Sturtze entered the game?

These trivial matters never should interfere with Sterling's brilliant analysis, only topped by Georgie Girl saying: "Sturtze's numbers go down every time he pitches." Okay, now we knew this was the closest thing to a mortal lock, even with a team that only has a lock on mediocrity.

That did not stop Sterling and Waldman from mouthing more superlatives. And when John Mabry was retired on a comebacker to Sturtze, Ma and Pa Pinstripe were reveling in their own analysis.

The tee-hees stopped when Yadier Molina singled. And when pinch swinger Scott Seabol deposited Sturtze's first pitch into the upper deck in left field, Sterling was stricken with instant amnesia. He did the Yankeecentric thing. He immediately went into excuse mode.

"Well, he (Sturtze) is a human being," Sterling said. "He can't be perfect all the time."

Justice, no peace

Over in the Al Yankzeera TV booth Sunday, in the fifth inning with the score tied 1-1, the voices - David Justice and Michael Kay - whipped out their crystal ball.

These scholars have not learned an important lesson: Trying to predict the Yankees' future is an exercise in lunacy. Whatever. The subject never matters to guys who love the sound of their own voice.

Justice launched a solilioquy about the Yankees only needing to win a "close game" against St. Louis to take the series and provide "confidence that they can win close games." Gee, those are words to live by, right?

"You're going home. You've got Pittsburgh coming in. This is not one of the dominant teams in the National League," said Justice, sounding a lot like Hubie Brown. "The Yankees can win that series as well."

Confused? It's 1-1 in the fifth and this guy is talking about taking two of three from St. Louis, then taking a series from Pittsburgh. Maybe Justice has tomorrow's lottery numbers, too. Perhaps he forgot about the Yankees' performance in Kansas City, where they were swept by the Royals - not exactly one of the dominant AL teams.

Kay stuck his beak in. He said if the Yankees went on to win, thereby taking the series, they would "send a message" to all of baseball. The message: "You know what, we're not done yet," Kay said.

Yes, we are sure the entire American League would have been quaking with fear if the Yankees had won on Sunday. And following up on Kay's theory, does the fact they lost mean they are "done"?


Absolutely no surprise Saturday, hearing Steve Phillips, on ESPN-1050, gleefully trash the Yankees.

Phillips doesn't have an ax to grind, does he?

The flawed former Mets GM hacked away at the Bombers, comparing them to the 2002, 2003 Mets teams he "constructed."

Phillips compared Jason Giambi to Mo Vaughn, saying he used to tell Vaughn to pretend foul pops were "cheeseburgers."

Then, in "analysis" that will forever endear him to Yankee fans, Phillips ripped Derek Jeter for sitting out two games in Minnesota (June 4 and 6) because he had a chest cold. "You mean to tell me Jeter had a little cold and couldn't play?" Phillips asked sarcastically.

Who is writing Phillips' material? Bobby Valentine?

Boss talk

During the fourth inning of Yankees-Cardinals Saturday on Fox, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver gave viewers what they never get on local Yankee productions, a comprehensive discussion about George Steinbrenner. ... Joe Torre with a revealing line on YES' Sunday pregame. "The worst thing about this game," Torre said, "is the whispering that goes on behind people's backs."

Originally published on June 14, 2005

Jun 14 2005 10:11 AM

An article that blasts Sterling, Kay, Al Yankzeera and Steve Phillips all in one? I wish I could cut this out and stick it on my door at work.

Jun 14 2005 10:16 AM

Why the rip on Bobby V?

Jun 14 2005 10:17 AM

Yeah 88, that was my only gripe with it...

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 14 2005 10:19 AM

I have to say, I mostly enjoy Sterling calling a game. He has a unique style suited to the pace of the game that I find pleasing. I could do without the signature HR calls and the forced drama every time a MFY hits a fly ball to medium depth OF, and like all hometown guys you have to take his cheerleading with a grain of salt, but just calling the game as it happens? I'm OK with him. I daresay I like him.

Waldman OTOH, is worse than Charley "That's what Yankee greatness is about" Sterling. Besides being an unabashed cheerleader, her voice is grating, she provides little insight and listening to her announce the lineups before the game has to be the worst 60 seconds in radio.

Phillips disappoints me in that he seems content to be giving back all the media cheap shots taken at his expense as opposed to using this opportunity to provide the kind of insight a front-office exec might really have.

Jun 14 2005 10:24 AM

On YES over the weekend David Justice keep harping on Jeter, saying that as team Captain it was time for him to light a fire under his teammates. I'm all for that but Justice's thinking was that meant it was time to overturn the food spread in the clubhouse and throw a few chairs. He keep repeating it over and over again. I can't imagine Jeter overturning the buffet table but I guess it would get his teammates attention.

I don't really pay too much attention to the announcers anymore. Just too annoying.

Edgy DC
Jun 14 2005 10:39 AM

Soounds like Mo Vaughn owes Steve Phillips a pop.

Jun 14 2005 10:45 AM

Back in my old Rochester radio days, we used to simulcast the MFY Sterling/Kay broadcasts on our AM sports station ("Hot Talk 1280... WHTK!") nightly. I spent a summer sitting in a tiny studio, listening to those two morons and waiting for commercial breaks so I could play our local spots. I can't stand Sterling any longer because of that summer.