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Blake the Fake

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 15 2005 03:23 PM

Seems that more than a whole page of Blake updates disappeared from the cpf, but since they mostly dealt with his inabiolity to get a look last September, his unimpressive spring training and his AA struggles this year maybe it's how he'd have wanted it.

Here's what survived:

(posted 11/18/03)
Wide BeeGee

Meet my new son Blake:

He was adopted this morning, weighing 175 pounds and 73 inches. Bats right, throws left.

Blake was born on Aug. 2, 1978 in Bakersfield, California: Hometown of Buck Owens and Korn. Bakersfield is a hot, dry, sprawling city of around 200,000, in California's central valley.

There's a University and oil and they grow stuff -- citrus, almonds, grapes and wineries, etc. The town's economic development strategy is to promote its space, low housing costs and proximity to Interstate-5 leading southwest to Los Angeles or north to Fresno and Sacramento. It's the kind of place where middle-class Californians can find affordable housing and businesses can locate call-centers and other concerns that require lots of employees and space but generally low wages.

Blake's "real parents," Rick and Marilyn, are OK with the whole adoption thing. His sister, Amy, is jealous, however.

Blake attended North High in Bakersfield where he excelled at baseball and basketball. His senior year he went 13-1 with a 1.20 ERA and 135 strikeouts in 88 innings.

He was selecetd by the Dodgers in the 50th round of the 1998 draft, but chose not to sign, enrolling instead at Bakersfield Junior College. In 2000, McGinley was recruited by Texas Tech, where he had an outstanding career as a starting pitcher and closer for the Red Raiders. While at Tech, his teammates included fellow Met prospect Jon Slack.

On June 9 of 2001, the Mets made McGinley their 21st round draft pick and the 642nd player chosen overall. This time, he signed.

McGinley has had nothing but sucess in three pro seasons. His numbers are quite impressive:

2001 Brooklyn (NYP-A) 5-0, 4 SV, 1.90 ERA, 59/11 K/BB in 46 IP
2002 Cap City (SAL-A) 1-1, 10 SV, 1.80 ERA, 53/6 K/BB in 35 IP
2002 St. Lucie (FSL-A) 1-1, 4 SV, 5.97 ERA, 22/13 K/BB in 31.2 IP
2003 St. Lucie (FSL-A) 9-1, 7 SV, 1.02 ERA, 86/20 K/BB in 79.1 IP

He wears No. 33 which reminds me of Met lefties like Ray Sadecki.

Baseball America most recently named the little lefty
"Best Control" pitcher in the Mets organization, and the Florida State Writer at this site argued for McGinley's inclusion on BA's All-FSL team, noting:

He spent some time on the DL during the year, but his numbers were outstanding: 9-1 in 37 games with 7 saves. ERA was 1.02, and that figure was not misleading-in 79 innings, he gave up just 51 H and 20 BB, for a ratio of well under 1.00, with 84 K's. He had very few appearances at less than his best, as the numbers attest.

McGinley was a BA South Atlantic League All-Star in 2002 the FSL pitcher of the week once this year, and once spent $100 at the China Club and was starstruck by Jay Payton. He's also been a champion twice -- with the Cyclones in '01 and the St. Lucie Mets this year. He's been teammates with many of the team's better known prospects such as Wright and Peterson; sometimes their success is his too.

So... what's wrong with McGinley? Well, he's getting old, for one thing: He turned 25 this August, so the clock's ticking on his big-league success, and there's little he can do to stem the influx of Kole Strayhorns from taking his St. Lucie headlines except to advance. It's not often that career relief pitchers, not to mention lefties, shoot up through the Minor Leagues, but he's has certainly earned a shot against better competition and will likely get one in 2004 in Binghamton.

That's my boy.

The Big Train
Excellent. Congratulations.

My boy looks to appear at Binghamton next year also. We should get a play group going.


Doctor Sponge

Wouldn't be a play group without me and Marcy Darcy.

Wide BeeGee

My boy Blake is so def, he's baffling the experts. He so fucking good people can't believe him.


Q: Kyle from California asks:
Blake McGinley was ridiculously dominant for St. Lucie this year. What kind of ceiling does he have?

A: J.J. Cooper, Baseball Expert: To quote someone I asked about McGinley "He may NP his way all the way to the big leagues." It's impossible to explain McGinley's success, as he has fringy stuff, no trick pitch and not even a particularly deceptive delivery, but something's working very well. You can't deny that K:BB ratio, so he gets a chance next year to prove he can do it against Double-A hitters.
Wide BeeGee
(5/23/04 11:19 am)

My son complianed today he was growing up without a stepfather and was considering a career in gay porn.

Don't do it, Ted! Here's your update:

McGinley is continuing to have success, this year with Binghamton.

The skinny righty has appeared in 12 games in relief and is 4-0 with 1 save, a 37-4 K-BB Ratio a 0.87 Whip and a .212 BAA in 31 innings. He friggin rocks! Baseball is better than Gay porn!

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 15 2005 03:25 PM

Willets Point
Jun 15 2005 03:29 PM

None of my old Petit and Pagan posts survived the attack.

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 15 2005 03:37 PM

Catching up the numbers since the original was so rudely interrupted:

2004-Bingo 9-2, 3.72, 9 HR, 15 BB, 83 K in 72.2 IP (1.05 Whip)
2004-Norfolk 3-3, 4.05, 1 HR, 7 BB, 28 K in 26.2 IP (1.39 Whip)
Career thru ‘04- 28-8, 2.75, 15 HR, 72 BB, 331 K in 291 IP (1.04 Whip)

Johnny Dickshot
Jun 15 2005 03:48 PM

Finally, we'll get you get caught up with The Fake this year.

Did some starting with mixed results but it may just have been part of an overall slow start to the season because here we are in June and Blake's kicking his usual ass:

Overall 2-3, 3.13, with 7 HR, 38 K, 14 BB in 46 IP (1.13 Whip).

Watch them Gopher Balls, Kid!

Jun 16 2005 08:34 AM

Thanks, JD.
Kinda' thought Edgy would adopt him.
But give him a good home.


Johnny Dickshot
Aug 30 2005 05:26 AM

My neglected first born was demoted to Binghamton around at some point.

Norfolk: 4-4, 3.56, 42 G (5 starts), 66 Ks, 20 BBs in 81 IP
Bingo: 0-0, 3.00, 1 G, 3 K, 0 BB in 3 IP

Johnny Dickshot
Mar 16 2006 08:49 PM

Blake looks outnumbered and unlikely to get a real shot again this spring. They shoulda sent him to the World baseball Classic.

I will keep an eye on Blake but I think I've raised him well enough to go off on his own.

Johnny Dickshot
May 07 2006 07:34 AM

Blake news, and it ain't good:

]Norfolk reliever Blake McGinley was in New York getting his left elbow examined. The southpaw hasn’t pitched since April 19

May 07 2006 09:51 AM

Never fear, JD.
One-time Met soft tossing lefty prospect Blaine Beatty had the same general minor league success, and suffered arm trouble while at (IIRC) AA . He is now a Met minor league pitching coach.
There's always a place in your organization for a lefty who knows how to pitch.


Edgy DC
Jul 22 2006 11:09 PM
Edited 1 time(s), most recently on Jul 24 2006 09:02 AM

Update the Fake!

Has he recovered from his elbow trouble? He has!

Is he again pitching effectively? He is, at that.

Is there more? Indeed, there is.

And what might that be? He's starting!



Johnny Dickshot
Jul 24 2006 08:51 AM

Blake did some starting last year too, and now that he's basically a confirmed AAAA player (he turns 28 next week, went unclaimed in consecutive MiLB free-agent drafts) I don't think it matters a whole lot. That's not to say his mother and I don't love him -- we're just happy he's out on his own and reached a comfortable level of success, and that his arm doesn't hurt any more. Between us girls, we're afraid he might retire rather than get arm surgery at this point.

Blake is 1-1, 2.17 this year in 11 games (3 starts) and is scheduled to start again today vs. the Ottawa Lynx. He's whiffed 14 and walked 10 in 29 innings pitched.

Our old buddy Bryan Hoch spoke with him during spring training where Blake dutifully and sadly vowed to "wait his turn" for consultation with Rock Peterson and a spring training look, but as things turned out, he worked just 1 inning with the big club before being farmed out again. With the big pen currently getting acceptable LHP work from Proven Veterans Oliver & Feliciano, we're trying to see whether the Seattle Mariners like him enough to take him as freight in the Gil Meche trade I'm imagining.

]Q&A with Blake McGinley
Bryan Hoch Mar 2, 2005

A left-handed reliever who relies on his control and mixing up pitches, Blake McGinley is in big league camp with the Mets vying for a spot on the 25-man roster.

However, with a glut of southpaws joining him in the competition, McGinley could be tagged to begin the year at Triple-A. He discussed his situation recently with Inside Pitch's Bryan Hoch.

At the end of last season, it was beginning to look like you would get a shot with the Mets, and all of a sudden there's a lot of competition now. What's your thought process going into the spring training schedule?

I'm just going to try to do the best I can do. There's a lot of competition, you're right, and I don't know if they're going to give me a chance [to make the team] or not. I just try to do the best I can every time I get out on the mound, and hopefully I'll open up some eyes and do what I can.

Did you believe you were going to get a shot at the bullpen this year?

I thought I was. You just never know what they're going to do here. It's New York, and I don’t think they want to throw young guys in there that much. I'll wait my turn, I guess.

Are you still happy to be in big league camp with the Mets, knowing that you might not make the club?

Oh yeah, I'm really happy to be here*. Whenever you can get with all these guys, you get to learn a lot just by being with them**. I try to pick up what I can.

What have been some of your impressions in camp?

This is going to be a good team this year. There's a lot of quality players they picked up. I really think they're going to turn it around this year.

It seems like there's a lot of stretching and cardio even before practice gets started. Does that help set the tone for the day?

Yeah, we go out there and we get warmed up, I'll tell you that. These guys are going to be in good shape. I feel great right now and I'm pretty sure it's helping everybody else out too.

Have you had a chance to work with Rick Peterson yet?

Not yet. I'm hoping to. He's got a lot of guys to work with, I'm sure, so I'm just kind of waiting my turn.

Any idea how much you'll get to pitch during the exhibition schedule?

I haven't heard anything. I'm sure I'll get a shot. Right now, it's just waiting and hoping to open some eyes.

*- Lying
** -Resorting to cliche to hide the pain

Jul 24 2006 09:00 AM

]the Gil Meche trade I'm imagining.

JD, I like your imagination. That makes more sense, in terms of the type of decent pitcher who might realistically be available, than most of the WATPs that I've been reading. Have you read anything recently that makes you think that's more then just your imagination? I did read something earlier in the season that said he might be available, but nothing recently.


Edgy DC
Jul 24 2006 11:15 PM

Blake gave up three runs in four innings today. The Tides tried to stretch that start out, carrying a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the eighth.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:1 O:0
Keith Reed singles on a line drive to right fielder Michael Tucker.

Bottom 8TH B:4 S:1 O:0
Andy Tracy walks. Keith Reed to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Offensive Substitution: Pinch runner Jason Bowers replaces Andy Tracy.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:1 O:0
Napoleon Calzado singles on a bunt ground ball to pitcher Anderson Garcia. Keith Reed to 3rd. Jason Bowers to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Eli Whiteside singles on a line drive to center fielder Lastings Milledge. Keith Reed scores. =red](Run number one.) Jason Bowers scores. =red](Run number two.) Napoleon Calzado to 3rd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Tony Alvarez singles on a line drive to left fielder Tagg Bozied. Napoleon Calzado scores.=red](Run number three.) Eli Whiteside to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Royce Ring replaces Anderson Garcia.

Bottom 8TH B:2 S:2 O:0
Val Majewski singles on a fly ball to left fielder Tagg Bozied. Eli Whiteside to 3rd. Tony Alvarez to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:1 O:0
Brooks Badeaux singles on a line drive to right fielder Michael Tucker. Eli Whiteside scores.=red](Run number four.) Tony Alvarez to 3rd. Val Majewski to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:2 S:1 O:0
Ed Rogers singles on a ground ball to shortstop Anderson Hernandez. Tony Alvarez scores. =red](Run number five.) Val Majewski to 3rd. Brooks Badeaux to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Steve Schmoll replaces Royce Ring.

Bottom 8TH B:1 S:2 O:0
Howie Clark singles on a fly ball to center fielder Lastings Milledge. Val Majewski scores.=red](Run number six.) Brooks Badeaux to 3rd. Ed Rogers to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:2 S:0 O:0
Keith Reed singles on a line drive to left fielder Tagg Bozied. Brooks Badeaux scores.=red](Run number seven.) Ed Rogers to 3rd. Howie Clark to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:2 O:0
Jason Bowers singles on a fly ball to center fielder Lastings Milledge. Ed Rogers scores. =red](Run number eight.) Howie Clark to 3rd. Keith Reed to 2nd.

Bottom 8TH B:3 S:2 O:0
Napoleon Calzado doubles (4) on a fly ball to right fielder Michael Tucker. =red](Run number one.) =red](Run number nine.) Keith Reed scores. =red](Run number ten.) Jason Bowers to 3rd.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:3 O:1
Eli Whiteside strikes out swinging.

Bottom 8TH B:1 S:0 O:1
Tony Alvarez singles on a ground ball to center fielder Lastings Milledge. Jason Bowers scores. =red](Run number 11.) Napoleon Calzado scores. =red](Run number 12.)

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Pitcher Change: Juan Perez replaces Steve Schmoll.

Bottom 8TH B:0 S:0 O:3
Val Majewski grounds into double play, second baseman Ruben Gotay to shortstop Anderson Hernandez to first baseman Jose Offerman. Tony Alvarez out at 2nd.

Final line for the inning: 12 runs on 12 hits (11 of them singles) and one walk.

That 12 runs is a double record: the most Ottawa has ever scored and the most the Tides have ever yielded.

Call up Juan Perez.

Oct 25 2006 10:27 AM

From today's Baseball America AFL notes:

] The Mets pulled righthander Philip Humber from the Fall League after making only one start for Mesa. The club chose to shut down the 2004 first-rounder to control his innings as he comes back from Tommy John surgery. He was replaced on the Solar Sox roster by lefthander Blake McGinley


Johnny Dickshot
Mar 30 2007 04:48 PM

Released today. According to the Internets, to be signed by the Padres.

Edgy DC
Mar 30 2007 09:21 PM

Fuck it.

Enjoy the Pads, Blakey.

Edgy DC
Apr 16 2007 12:04 PM

'Shot, the Fake is still (or back) in the system, chewing up the DL in Norfolk.

Johnny Dickshot
Apr 16 2007 12:14 PM

Can't trust the IFPA

Benjamin Grimm
Apr 16 2007 12:33 PM

Edgy DC wrote:
'Shot, the Fake is still (or back) in the system, chewing up the DL in Norfolk.


I do the same thing. I finally learned to stop saying "Tidewater" and now I have to learn to stop saying "Norfolk."

Edgy DC
Apr 16 2007 12:40 PM


I wouldn't be suprised if the Fake accidentally reported to Norfolk.

Apr 24 2007 09:19 PM

Turns out Blake's gone somewhere a few other Mets pen prospects have wound up- the Marlins system.
]LHP Blake McGinley has been signed as a free agent by Florida and assigned to Carolina for tonight's series finale against the Mobile BayBears. McGinley was originally drafted from Texas Tech by the New York Mets, and was 2-2 with a 2.95 ERA at Triple-A Norfolk last season in the Mets organization.

Thanks to lackadaisical chart making on the Mudcats site, Blake appears to be joining fellow wayward son Chase Lambin in the Carolina infield.