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The Curse of Tom Terrific? Mets and Braves

Oct 15 2005 11:30 PM

Fact: 1/29/66 George Thomas Seaver is drafted by the Atlanta Braves, due to eilligability status with USC, the pick gets null and voided

Fact: 4/6/66 The Mets name is pulled out of a hat and the Mets win the services of Tom Seaver. He signs with New York

Fact: 4/16/67 Tom Seaver debuts for the Mets

Fact: Three years after signing Seaver and the Mets sweep the Braves to win the NL Penant and go on to win the World Series

Fact: Over the ensuing 20 years, Tom Seaver is The Franchise for the Mets and Phil Niekro is like wise for the Atlanta Braves. Both essentially call it quits in 1987, both will eventually be enshrined into Cooperstown

Fact: Between 1969 and 1990 the Mets had 2 World Championships, 3 NL Championships and 4 Divisional crowns to the Braves just 2 NL West crowns

Fact: 6/24/1988 The Mets retire #41 in honor of Tom Seaver. Their opponents, The Atlanta Braves. The day before the Mets lose to a fellow making his MLB debut, John Smoltz, the day of the ceromony one of the pitchers in the game is an ex-Met who was traded to the Reds to get Seaver back, Charlie Puleo.

Fact: Three years after the Atlanta Braves win their first NL West pennant since 1983, third overall. They do it on the strenght of, you guessed it, home grown pitching (as well as Ron Darling/Sid Fernandez style aquisitions) which featured some of the best Brave hurlers since a guy named Niekro was fluttering a knuckleball in the 70's. Guys like Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Steve Avery.

Fact: Thanks to Glavine, Smoltz and eventually a slew of other great starting and relif pitchers, the Braves reeled off 13 more division titles, 5 NL crowns and a World Championship, arguably one of the top runs in pro-sports history. Completely blowing away the Mets performance during the same time frame of 1 NL championship, two Wild Card wins and two NLDS wins

Do you think its alittle Instant Karma action for the Seaver Magic?
(cue the X-Files music)


Oct 16 2005 01:54 AM

.........................but you may be on to something there.

Oct 16 2005 07:52 AM

You forgot that Seaver had a dog named Smoltz, and Smoltz had a pet hamster named Seaver

Oct 16 2005 03:21 PM

And Chipper Jones named one of his kids Shea.



Oct 16 2005 03:33 PM

MFS62 wrote:
And Chipper Jones named one of his kids Shea.



I was going for funny, not to be taken seriously, or to be overhyped by a media that loves to glorify that segment of fandom that belives in jinkes, hexes, ect

Example, White Sox fans have a legit reason for believing that the Baseball Gods are pissed about their franchise (and in a roundabout way, you can blame the Black Sox for the creation of the Commissioner's office and by extention, alot of the labor strife, and other Commish realted stuff through the decades, but that really would be reaching too hard for corelations) yet all you hear when talking Chicago baseball droughts is how the Cubs have been cursed, specifically by some old saloon owner and his goat and you never hear ChiSox fans being glorified as "Long suffering, eternall pessimists" the way Red Sox and Cub fans, and even Met fans have been portrayed in the media

Just thought I'd have some fun with some errie Met Brave coincidences that revolve around Tom Seaver


Oct 16 2005 03:35 PM

Got it.
It was funny.