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A-P So Ya Think You are a Sports Radio Talk Show Host

Oct 15 2005 08:05 PM

Going with a funny Non-Baseball one to kick this thread off since its not funny in terms of what is said (but it speaks to a greater issue I have with national sports radio hosts) but who actually said it.

Mel Kiper Jr was on Mike & Mike In The Morning on Thursday previewing today's (Saturday) USC-Notre Dame game and Mel wondered if there was ever a game featuring 4 possible Heisman Trophy finalists and he honestly could not come up with one. This is Mel Kiper Jr. A GURU when it comes to major college football. Granted he subscribes to Mel Allen's (or maybe it was Red Barber) theory on calling horse racing where you block out everything about past racing so you can concentrate on the race at hand (except of course horses are generally forgoten by the masses after the race usually, here Mel is talking about something that is followed greatly and passionatly by millions all over the USA, I'd think remembering past events is key to talking about the sport) but how in the BLUIEST OF HELLS did he forget that all FOUR of the 2004 top canidates played in the BCS Championship game IN JANUARY!

What I mean in terms of the greater issue of Mel's gaffe is that ESPN's national hosts (and this is a TV thing as well) have a thing where they seem to want to be the first to anoit something as the best ever, or the most exciting ever, ect. Almost like they won't let history do the judging, they want to be right there saying that what we are witnessing is the absoulte best.

Perfect example, every September now Mike Greenberg keeps saying that he can't remember a more exciting pennant race, or that the current races are among the most exciting in recent memory.

What I'd love to hear is an actual breakdown of what these hosts do think is the top 5 or so of whatever they are being so hyperbolic about when it comes to the current situation, but that would mean that hosts would have to admit that something DID HAPPEN BEFORE LAST MONTH!


Oct 16 2005 04:40 PM

Steve, thanks.
That was the best post ever. :)