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2006 Payroll & Other Assets

Oct 12 2005 09:02 PM

The big ticket guys are Matsui ($8M), Beltran ($14M), Floyd ($6.5), Cameron ($8M), Glavine ($10.5M), Martinez ($14.5M), Benson ($7.5M), Zambrano ($4M), and I believe we're paying Vaughn $3.75M as well. Near as I can figure, we're at about $85.5M in all (assuming we pick up Trach's option). In 2005, we were at $107M.

In theory, that leaves us with $21.5M to spend on free agency. I would also assume that we have at least an extra $14M or so in "Delgado money."

So we probably have around $35.5M to try and fill holes in the bullpen, first base, second base, and catcher. Figure we should also resign one or two of our utility guys and maybe get a decent fourth/fifth outfielder in case Cam isn't the same when he gets back.

Folks, that's a shitload of money. We could sign Ryan (~$8M), Hernandez (~$8M), trade for Delgado ($14M), and still have $5M left to blow on 2B & the bench.

Or we could trade Floyd for Manny ($13.5M), sign Ryan and Konerko (~$10M) and use the remaining $5M getting competent regulars at 2B & C.

In addition to the money, we have two of the best prospects in baseball as trading chits in Petit & Milledge--should we choose to cash them in. We also have a surplus of starting pitching to trade from, with Seo, Trachsel, Zambrano & Heilman all competing for #4 & #5 spots next year.

Throw in a solid core of talented youngsters, one of the best 5 starting pitchers in baseball and a rejuvinated Glavine, and we have a chance to field a sweet team this year.

IMO, we should do whatever it takes to sign Ryan. If Konerko is available, we should go all out for him as well, unless we can trade for Delgado without giving up a top prospect.

I'm indifferent to Molina & Hernandez, although I wouldn't complain too hard if we signed them. As for second basemen, I think there are a lot of decent options out there--Graffanino, Jimenez, etc.

If we trade for Manny, I hope Minaya makes Theo his bitch, if for no other reason than because of the ludicrous trades thrown around at SoSH (Milledge, Petit, Heilman & Cameron for a 34 year old owed $60M? Seriously?).

Cameron & Matsui for Manny straight up would make me laugh and laugh and laugh . . .

Edgy DC
Oct 12 2005 09:56 PM

]IMO, we should do whatever it takes to sign Ryan.

Peeps always lose me at "whatever it takes."

Oct 12 2005 10:11 PM

"Whatever it takes" and a bidding war with the Yankees,I'll admit to never having heard of BJ Ryan till this year.

Oct 12 2005 11:25 PM

We bought out Vaughn's last year this season, although I'm not sure when the deferments start kicking in and to what degree.

I'm for spending wisely. I don't believe we need to, or should, spend like the Yankees. Having said that, the Mets are freeing up a healthy amount of payroll, so if they find the right fit money should not be an object.