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Ridiculously early draft news

Frayed Knot
Oct 06 2005 10:48 AM

The order has been set and the [u:08566f6b81]Mets pick 18th[/u:08566f6b81] this year.
The main significance of that is that only the first 15 picks are "protected", meaning that if we sign a 'Type A' FA we'll lose that pick to the player's original team. In recent years our picks have been one of the protected ones (top15) and therefore we're used to only losing the 2nd (and then 3rd) round choices for the biggest FA signing(s).
It's something for the brain-trust to consider.

Early word on this year's crop describes it as "underwhelming" - particularly on hitters - although that assessment could certainly change when this winter/spring's HS & college season get underway.

So far my pick for "best looking prospect" goes to Long Beach State SS (and I'm not making this up) Eva[u:08566f6b81]n[/u:08566f6b81] Longoria

Oct 06 2005 03:57 PM

Would we have to be desperate?

Oct 06 2005 04:04 PM

Of course the Mets would screw it up and sign Terrence Hatcher.

Stupid Mets.