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We dont need no stinkin 1st baseman!

Oct 01 2005 09:19 AM

All this talk about off season moves and what we need always brings up catcher, first base, closer......

Ive made up my mind that Id go with Jacobs at first, sink or swim and damn the torpedoes. He's got power, he's a lefty, and he comes damn cheap.
Maybe he's streaky, but he has 10 homers since his callup and I wont even try and project what that could be over a full season.
20 homers / 75 RBI would be nice from that position, and I certainly think he can post those numbers, at least.
He's looked kinda ruff in the field last few but I think he plays the position well and will get nothing but better. Ive seen him make some excellent plays. He's got quick hands.

Why look a gift horse in the mouth?
If he falls terribly on his face we can shore it up by the All Star break or just eat crow, but I dont think he will.
I think he's everything we are lookin for in a 1st baseman and everything we need.

Forget about him catching. Mets should focus on a catcher or a good backup catcher for Castro (I would not complain if Castro ends up the Mets opening day catcher next year), if they feel he deserves the shot. When is Pudge Rod available?

Oct 01 2005 09:22 AM

Whatever happened to all that trade talk for Shoppach?

Seems we're loaded with pitchers and Varitek's a roadblock in Boston.

It's a natural fit.

Oct 01 2005 10:26 AM

i'd still try to trade a pitcher for shoppach, and the mets need to add a bat that isn't here now whether in RF, 1B, or elsewhere without subtracting a good bat. Jacobs might be fine at 1st if you still had piazza in his prime and a good 2B but right now the mets are near the bottom at 1B, 2B and potentially C....thats not a good way to start next year. i do like Jacobs but unless we get Manny in RF i'm not sure we can afford to be playing jacobs, castro, and whoever starts at 2b all in the same lineup with cameron coming off the injury and floyd likely to decline.