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A Little Crazy

Edgy DC
Sep 30 2005 01:39 PM

What was Jose Reyes thinking, trying to score from first on a single in the fourth? As it stands, it was inconsequential, but such craziness runs teams out of rallies, players into injuries, and --- if it's interpreted as running up the score, like the Diamondbacks interpreted Victor Diaz's tag-up back in July --- run teams into vulnerability to retaliation.

I mean it was fun and all. Clearly, Jose had no respect for the arm of Choo Freeman, who was like 45 feet behind him as he tore around second, and he was right, as the throw, with all the time in the world, was still way off line. And it was sure fun seeing Reyes avoid Danny Ardoin like he was a NYPIRG canvasser.

Still, kind of crazy.

Sep 30 2005 01:49 PM

Yeah it was a crazy play, great fun though, especially the flailing body of Ardoin trying to tag Jose, if he had not already been called out by the ump that would have been an embarrassing play for the Rockies.

Edgy DC
Sep 30 2005 01:51 PM

Great fun, and a moral victory in a sense. Wouldna been too much fun if Reyes tore a muscle in his side though.

Sep 30 2005 02:05 PM

Nope, you're right about that, but I'm not worried about Jose and his legs now, he seems to have gotten past that point, thankfully.

Sep 30 2005 02:32 PM

Methinks he had "100 runs scored" running through his head.


Yancy Street Gang
Sep 30 2005 02:45 PM

MFS62 wrote:
Methinks he had "100 runs scored" running through his head.


He's probably been reading the "Where Mets Rank" thread in the clubhouse.

Frayed Knot
Sep 30 2005 03:01 PM

Here's what happened there:

it was a 3-2/2-out pitch and so both runners were off; Glavine from 2nd was running somewhat leisurely on the pitch and Reyes from 1st was sprinting like a madman and was within half-a-baseline of Tommy by the time the ball was hit.
Acta then came way down the 3rd base line to wave Glavine around and I doubt it ever crossed his mind that Reyes might try it too and never appeared to look for him. Reyes, for his part, probably thought Acta's windmilling was for him and never broke stride.

btw; the Astros last night lost a chance to clinch a WC tie when their PR-er was thrown out at the plate as the tying run w/2 out in the 9th on a hit that was only somewhat deeper than the one we're talking about here. Probably not a bad send (depending on who was on deck and such) but he was out by about 10 feet.