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It's just Miguel Cabrera being Miguel Cabrera

Sep 28 2005 08:02 PM


Part of the story:
]The Palm Beach Post reported that Cabrera's teammates and some Marlins officials are concerned about the 22-year-old slugger's attitude and work ethic.

Cabrera was not in the lineup Monday, serving a one-game suspension for showing up late to a game in Atlanta on Sunday. He also wasn't in the lineup last Thursday in New York after not reporting on time to a medical treatment after fouling a ball off his knee the night before, the newspaper reported.

Also, Cabrera stopped shagging fly balls in July and August, instead sitting in the dugout with friends from his native Venezuela, the Post reported, and only resumed the pregame activity after a talk with Hall of Famer Tony Perez, a special assistant for the team.

If you dont get what I was suggesting in the paragraph, this guy is a Manny Ramirez clone. Same talent, same personality, even the same number. So, instead of trying to aquire the 33 year old Manny, why not try to swing a deal for the 22 year old "Manny". Granted, it'll probably take some more manuevering because of the division rivalry, but if he wears on the Marlins organization it'd be much better having him as opposed to ManRam.. I'm not really suggesting we go for either, but it's just a thought.

Sep 28 2005 08:23 PM

More bad stuff about the Fish.

I think he wears the same tag some here put on Burnett.
McKeon sent Burnett home, bout that.
Just said ," your done, kthxbye."

Burnetts all sayin sorry now, but theres no doubt he has hurt his own market value.

Cabrera tho,....he is 22 and could be influenced to change his ways, i would think.
But where do we put him?
We have Floyd in left and Wright at 3rd, and both those guys have earned a spot on next yrs opening day lineup, imo.

Id like to see Cameron back and in there too.

Edgy DC
Sep 28 2005 10:46 PM

I don't understand the fan impulse of "Gee, this guy is disrupting his team to the point that they can't continue with him no matter how well he hits; let's get him!" (acknowledging that Olerud Owned is merely speculating and not specifically advocating.)

Spacemans Bong
Sep 28 2005 11:47 PM

There's no way they're going to dump him now. They'll work with him for years.

Sep 29 2005 12:09 AM

Well hey, if we're getting Delgado and Cabrera, why don't we ask for D-Train as well? Let's see, we'll give them Cairo, Graves...

OK seriously. It wouldn't hurt to ask about Cabrera, but my jaw would drop to the floor if the Mets didn't get a very emphatic "NO!" in response.

Cabrera may have maturity issues, but is it really a good idea to go to the media with you grievances with him? You get the feeling that Cabrera and Burnett aren't the only angry players down there, and that nobody respects McKeon's authority. Everybody is pointing fingers after a disappointing season, and instead of team officials doing everything they can to restore order, they complain about Cabrera, who played to expectations unlike most of the team, to the press.

Better them than us.

Sep 29 2005 09:00 AM

Where would we put him? Where would we put him?

There is literally nowhere I would not put him--third base, shortstop, CF--if that made baseball sense. Cabrera may well be the best young hitter (outside of Pujols) in baseball.

Sep 29 2005 09:05 AM

Wow, this is absolutely ridiculous speculation. The answers to all of your questions are so obvious it's ludicrous.

A) Where would we put him?
-----Answer: Left field. Floyd has "earned" a spot? Please. If you can get a twenty two year old with a bat like that then we can kick Cliff out the back door, no matter how nice a guy.

B) Is this useless speculation?
-----Answer: Yes, because there's no way in the world that Florida is trading him.

Sep 29 2005 07:54 PM

maybe a few of you old folks dont remeber being 22...well i do, because i am. i'm more mature now than i was at 20 and can only assume that at 24 i'll look back and realize i'm not very mature now either. the marlins would be IDIOTS to give up on him rather than try to correct any poor behavior.