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Boston's Road to the 2004 World Series Victory

Sep 21 2005 05:05 PM

I've been meaning to post this ever since I read somewhere that the Red Sox franchise is run beautifully, with eyes on the prize and smart moves that allow the team to win. They are so unlike the Mets, who just want to line their pockets and dupe the fans and are morons when it comes to building a winning team. I just now stumbled on it again.

Hey I like the Red Sox, but the idea that they are geniuses in putting a team together and are what every organization should aspire to is kind of silly. They are a good team, obviously, but it's not like their moves put the Mets to shame. (from a Sports Guy article in the middle of the 2004 WS):

You need a little luck to get this far. Consider the things that didn't happen for the Sox in the past 24 months:

1.) The A-Rod deal fell through; 2.) Millar's Japan deal fell through; 3.) The Expos told them that they didn't have enough to get Vazquez, so they turned to Plan B (Schilling); 4.) The Yankees trumped them for Contreras; 5.) Nomar turned down two different extensions in 2003; 6.) Anyone could have claimed Manny off waivers this winter; 7.) They almost traded D-Lowe for Loiaza before the Yankees trumped their bid; and 8.) They probably wouldn't have gotten Cabrera if Nomar hadn't sulked throughout that 13-inning game at Yankee Stadium, turning public sentiment against him just enough so they could eventually trade him without causing a riot.

Yup, just how it was drawn up.
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Sep 21 2005 05:26 PM

Don't forget their signing of Jeremy Giambi in 2003 (.696 OPS), who was supposed to be their full-time DH until Ortiz (a front-office afterthought) took over the job.

Or that they failed to lock up Pedro when they had the chance (what would their season have looked like this year with Petey on the hill instead of Wade Miller & Jeremy Gonzalez?).

Or that Tito keeps playing a weak-hitting, poor defensive first baseman (.759 OPS in 433 AB) while Olerud (.858 OPS in 151 AB) and Petagine (.799 OPS and only 39 AB) languish on the bench. (Mientkiewicz--.735 OPS--and a good defender)

Or that they clearly signed the wrong shortstop, locking up a .704 OPS man with 29 errors for four years and $40M. (K-Mat last year: .727 OPS & 23 errors, signed for 3 years & $20.1M ).

I like this game. Anyone got anything else to add?

Sep 21 2005 09:58 PM
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My point was not that the Red Sox make dumb moves, just that they have had a good deal of luck to help them get where they are, as many other winners will have luck. And someone who switches allegiance and claims it's because the organization is much smarter is obviously full of it.

Edgy DC
Sep 21 2005 09:59 PM


Spacemans Bong
Sep 21 2005 11:02 PM

Can we trade Bret back to the Mets for a FTBNL (fan to be named later)?

Sep 21 2005 11:06 PM

Spacemans Bong wrote:
Can we trade Bret back to the Mets for a FTBNL (fan to be named later)?

Im a 5/10 man, and i aint goin anywhere.
Ill veto any trade.

Actually im more like a 20/36 yr man with this team.

Frayed Knot
Sep 21 2005 11:58 PM

Bret/Sal/Doc/etc is a 10/5 guy -- at least 10 years as a Met fan and 5 with this forum -- so he has the right to refuse any trade.

Sep 22 2005 12:28 AM

But he signed with the Sox last year, so his tenure as a Met fan is irrelevant.

While I do have some family in Boston, the school system here is just too good.

Sep 22 2005 07:28 AM

If the Sox keep playing like they have been, Sal might go all Jay Payton and wind up in Oakland.

I hear they're pretty smart over there.