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2005 Mets Fielding

Sep 17 2005 01:18 PM

As I was doing the MVP poll, I decided to check out how our guys stacked up defensively this season. Fielding stats are notoriously unreliable, and BP's are no exception. Our best bet is probably to compare what RAA2 tells us with some other stats and see if there's any consistency. All that being said, here's what BP had to say:

Castro: 34.4% CS, 2 RAA2
Piazza: 15% CS, -4 RAA2
DeFelice: 50% CS, 0 RAA2

First Basemen
Mientkiewicz: 0 RAA2
Woodward: -1 RAA2
Anderson: 2 RAA2
Jacobs: unavailable
Daubach: 0 RAA2
Cairo: -1 RAA2

Second Basemen
Matsui: -1 RAA2
Cairo: 4 RAA2
Anderson: 1 RAA2

Third Baseman
Wright: 0 RAA2

Reyes: -10 RAA2

Left Fielders
Floyd: 14 RAA2
Anderson: 1 RAA2

Center Fielders
Beltran: 4 RAA2
Cameron: -1 RAA2

Right Fielders
Cameron: -4 RAA2
Diaz: -3 RAA2
Anderson: -1 RAA2

While none of this looks very good for us, aside from Floyd's resurgance & apparently solid D by Beltran, the only real dark spot on our team is Reyes, and he's clearly got the talent to be an above-average defender out there.

In addition, our defense has been the 10th most effecient in the majors at 0.702--4th in the NL--and that's probably snapshot of our total defense than trying to piece together individual stats. That number reflects the total number of batted balls put into play we turned into outs.