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Organizational slap in the face

Sep 08 2005 06:02 PM

Post season invoice arrived today, for some seats that are "reserved" some-
where in Shea. $630 (with a $40 handling fee)?? I should get a hand job
for $40 or at least talked dirty to.

Sep 08 2005 06:51 PM

mailing them insured is likely under $5 considering the # of packages they are sending out, i cant imagine handling should amount to more than another $5... the Mets are pulling a fast one here...with a less than 10% chance of making the playoffs (and therefore refunding postseason ticket money) i have to think this is a deliberate attempt to suck $40 a person out of ticket holders.

Sep 08 2005 07:01 PM

I would send it back and tell them to go shove their handling fee up their asses.

Yancy Street Gang
Sep 08 2005 08:25 PM

How many tickets do you get for the $630? For how many games? And where are the seats?

Not that the games are going to be played, of course. I'm just curious.

That's a lot more than I paid in 1986, but needless to say, that was 19 years ago.

Sep 08 2005 08:42 PM

I got 3 Mezzinine box seat tickets in '73 for all three games.
Bought em in a 'block', and had to sleep over at Shea to be like 3rd on line. 3rd got me Mezz box.
It was kool tho---we snuck into Shea and played football in the outfield darkness until a squad of cops swatted in. If you were slow, you got busted. It looked like a scene from the Great Escape, all us kids runnin for the fences.

The tickets were like 7.50 a piece. Thats 7 dollars and fiddy cent.
Pretty sure they were, cuz I only had 25 bucks on me and I went home with change.

Isnt this a bit premature...........?
This situation is the kind of marketing Bret refers to. Its disgusting and if i didnt seperate the front office from the guys in blue and orange, I wouldnt be able to deal with it. Cuz thats just what they figure. If a certain percentage can be suckered in and pay this we make a lil $$$, and we need it. So lets draw on that well of suckers.

Sep 08 2005 09:31 PM

I guess it's for four games in upper deck seats that are not determined.
I don't care about the price, we're fortunate to go to as many live sporting
events as we do. It's not clear, I can't make it through the letter, but I
guess it's for two divisional games and one each of the NLCS and WS.

The handling fee is my beef. $40? This year you can pay online, but that
costs an additional $10. The handling fee, the letter explains, is to help
defray the costs associated with ticketing of post-season games.

I'm sticking the $40 in the Red Cross jar on Monday.

Edgy DC
Sep 08 2005 09:34 PM

The ticket racket is a exploitative business and has been for a long time. Sorry to see the Mets playing that. They'd do better if they looked to make the same money off the face of the tickets, rather than soak you with ambiguous fees.

Sep 08 2005 09:40 PM

Edgy DC wrote:
They'd do better if they looked to make the same money off the face of the tickets, rather than soak you with ambiguous fees.

my point above was that if the mets had 90 wins right now there wouldn't be a $40 fee they'd just add it on to ticket prices...but WHEN (not if) they miss the playoffs they refund the ticket money but not the handling fee, THAT is the reason for the fee and it is disgusting.

Bret Sabermetric
Sep 08 2005 09:42 PM

Poo-holes yanks it out, 1-0.

Whoops. Thought I was in the IGT

Sep 08 2005 09:53 PM

The five dollars per ticket fee probably really does offset some outsourcing
as does the ten dollar online payment fee. I just wish they'd bury it in the
ticket price. Maybe that's illegal. Didn't pro sports teams go through a faze
when they put ticket price, plus fee, plus tax on the face of the ticket?

This was probably a dumb thread, but getting mail from the Mets today set
me off on a soap box after that Braves series showing.

Bret Sabermetric
Sep 08 2005 10:08 PM

You want some Koolaid? I've got plenty

Sep 08 2005 10:13 PM

Lol, I did that on purpose to see if Pavlov's dog would salivate.

For my next trick .....

Sep 08 2005 10:14 PM

Bret Sabermetric wrote:
You want some Koolaid? I've got plenty

Ill have a swig.........after you

Sep 08 2005 11:22 PM

Can't remember where I read it (Muschnick maybe), but I recall a story a few years ago about how MSG used the handling, convenience and other BS charges as a way to shield income from NBA & NHL revenue sharing arrangements. Don't know if that trick still works or is even relevant to MLB. Regardless, those fees are insulting and not at all surprising.