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Johnny Dickshot
Sep 06 2005 10:20 PM

That's how we're gonna do this.

Edgy DC
Sep 06 2005 10:23 PM

I was thinking voodoo.

Sep 06 2005 10:25 PM

A major prayer session.

Sep 06 2005 10:28 PM

Tomorrow is Bernie shirt day

Sep 06 2005 10:39 PM
Re: Cheat.

Johnny Dickshot wrote:
That's how we're gonna do this.

I wonder if theres cheat codes for real life like there is for vid games.

Rockin' Doc
Sep 06 2005 10:42 PM

Do over come next April.

Sep 06 2005 10:59 PM

]Do over come next April.

Is this another one of those sentence diagramming exercises?

Sep 07 2005 12:30 AM

wwsb has to know how to cheat, he worked for the yankees after all. maybe he knows which umps they pay.

Sep 07 2005 12:37 AM

Nymr83 wrote:
wwsb has to know how to cheat, he worked for the yankees after all. maybe he knows which umps they pay.
The American Leauge umps, inconviently.

Sep 07 2005 09:32 AM

We need Piazza, stupid broken bone.

Edgy DC
Sep 07 2005 09:58 AM

Do umpires work two different circuits anymore? I though it was one big loop.

Sep 07 2005 10:02 AM

Yeah, there's only one loop of umpires.

Sep 07 2005 10:03 AM

Yeah that's what I thought, but I have noticed over the course of the season that it's basically the same umps that work Met games, they seem to show up every few weeks.

Edgy DC
Sep 07 2005 10:09 AM

I think we get Angel Hernandez behind the plate tonight with Glavine on the mound.

Chances of an ejection are high.

Sep 07 2005 01:57 PM

Is throwing goat entrails into a fire under a full moon considered cheating?
Or is it just one of those quirky superstitious rituals that some fans go through?
What about throwing Chipper Jones' entrails?


SI Metman
Sep 07 2005 02:32 PM

We need to sacrifice a chicken. Quick, someone get to KFC.

Sep 07 2005 02:34 PM

We must climb Mount Everest and do a Mexican Hat Dance around a Mets cap. Or we can anoint Casey's grave with good alcohol.

Sep 07 2005 02:50 PM

Arggg, to the volcano with her at once

Sep 07 2005 02:53 PM

Are you sure she's a virgin?


Sep 07 2005 03:07 PM

So fuck you Joe-boo, I do it myself.
This post had the designation 162) Mike Phillips