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Sep 06 2005 04:44 PM

I was looking at our team stats--getting bummed out that Dougie's got a better OPS than Beltran--and noticed that Diaz has almost the exact same averages as Floyd:

.274 AVG/.354 OBP/.500 SLG/.854 OPS

.274 AVG/.352 OBP/.506 SLG/.858 OPS

The only real difference is their BB/K ratios--.44 BB/K for Diaz to .60 BB/K for Floyd.

Now let's throw Cam in there:
.273 AVG/.342 OBP/.477 SLG/.819 OPS/.34 BB/K

Even with Beltran underperforming, this is probably the best production we've gotten out of our outfield in a long, long time.

Speaking of Beltran, his BB/K ratio last year was a perfect 1. This year, it's .59--a pretty staggering drop and his worst ratio since 2002 (29 HR, 35 SB, .847 OPS, .53 BB/K). He's striking out at around the same rate as he did last year, he's just not walking as much--a pretty good sign that he's pressing at the plate, IMO. For those "Shea Stadium" apologists, he's actually hitting better at home (.280/.349/.423/.772/.76 BB/K) than on the road (.252/.310/.420/.731/.44 BB/K).

Even worse than the lack of walks, however, has been his drop in power. His .421 SLG mark will be the lowest in his career since 2000. That year, pitchers threw him nothing but breaking stuff, and when he finally began to adjust in June, he bruised his knee, then refused a rehab assignment, earning a month-long suspension.

I can't believe that this is anything more than a down year from Carlos, which means we're looking incredibly solid for 2006, even if we trade one of Cam, Cliff or Diaz.

Sep 07 2005 01:10 AM

Beltran reminds me a bit of Robbie Alomar. Granted, Alomar was in his mid-30's when he came here, but he was mediocre without any obvious reason for it, and that has been Beltran in a nutshell too. I wasn't expecting massive power numbers, but this? I can't imagine he won't be better next year, but something tells me not to expect him to abruptly return to being an elite player.

Sep 07 2005 01:28 AM

Floyd has really impressed me the most.
I never expected him to have the season he has had.
He's a high maintenance player but he has shown me he can walk the walk and if he can do it thru Sept, Ill pamper him personally. Approaching his mid 30s. Do we get another productive year out of him? Tuff to say.
It sure would be nice.

Diaz? Comparing those stats to Cliffys aint fair. Floyds had 470 at bats. Diaz 208. Early on when I saw him swaggering around like he thought he was Reggie Jackson (b4 Cameron came back) I didnt like him. He wasnt walking the walk.
Im old school: dont talk the talk until you walk the walk.
He can hit tho, and maybe he grows into his head. It is time to find out.
Id give him a chance next season, but only if Cameron is gone.

Beltran: I think he is definatly pressing. He knows his role and takes it seriously. I wish he was having even a little bit better of a season. Or more clutch and timely hits, Ill settle for that. I have to believe that he will pan out and become the player we are payin for next season. I have to,or what else is there? Madness.

Cameron? Being that he's a center fielder he's the odd man out. But damn, he has shown me what a great team player he is and its gonna hurt if/when they move him. He really has gone beyond the call of duty and given the Mets his all. If he'll stay and play right again, that makes for some tuff decisions. But he's got market value, (which may have dwindled due to the collision) and Omar may have to use it.

I think the reality of it is they are going to build the outfield around Beltran during the next few years, and aside from him, anything can happen.