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Edgy DC
Aug 28 2005 03:32 AM

Anybody know what fair prices for old Mets media guides look like?

Aug 28 2005 09:34 AM

The really old ones are expensive. I decided you really have to be a sick
completionist to venture too far into these. I have a bunch from the 70's and
would like to complete that decade, but I'd have to win lotto before trying to
acquire the others.

Maybe I'll scan the covers of the 70's ones and post them later, I need scans
of them anyways for "the site". I need 1970, 72, and 74. One thing about them
is that they really contain very little information that isn't available in other places
so you really need to have that desire to complete a collection to justify them.

From a four year old price guide:

1962 $500
1963 $150
1964-1969 $100
1970 $75
1971-1974 $50
1975- 1978 $20
1979 $15

Aug 28 2005 12:13 PM

Those prices are for SUPER MONDO GEM MINT condition though

You can find 1975 to present for anywhere from 5 to 25. 1970 to 75 in the 20 and upwards range (I have a run from 1970-2005 as well as the 1968 one)

Its the 60's that are truely rare and pricey. I guess by 75 the media was starting to expand with the electronic press (didn't Sports Phone start right about this time as well) and therefore the "media only" publications were getting more mass produced, and therefore you can find them just about anywhere at pretty fair prices (eBay, card shows, card shops, ect)


Aug 28 2005 01:36 PM

The book values listed are for "excellent" condition media guides, and like
all price quotes should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper.

The book, if anyone is interested, is the 2001 Tuff Stuff's Baseball Memorablia
Price Guide
. I haven't been shopping much, I really need to create a list of
everything I have and see what I can sell off in duplicates so I can start buying
the stuff to fill some holes. I can't put any new money into this stuff these days.