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How the HELL Did We Win Two Out of Three This Weekend?

Aug 22 2005 03:22 PM

Our offense put up one run on Friday, and by the grace of Seo and an anemic Washington offense we squeaked out a win.

On Saturday, our bullpen imploded. I'll admit when they tied it I thought for sure we had lost. I'll even go so far as to say that when you're depending on a Ramon Castro home run on an 0-2 pitch, which allows Reyes to get up and deliver a two run home run for the bulk of your offense, you're in trouble.

On Sunday, we only scored runs on a Double-AA catcher's home run and off of one walk and two errors in the ninth.

Outside of Pedro and Seo, we did not play well.


That's the one side of the coin. The other side is that both Friday and Saturday were "shoulda wons", and Sunday was a "shoula lost". So maybe what happened was simply that we took two out of three from a team that we are better than (8-5 this year), and that except for a Benson meltdown a sweepage was entirely possible. This would mean that I'm just cranky that I had to sit through that game yesterday, though hopefully one day it will be cool to say I was there for Mike Jacobs' first at-bat/hit/home run/curtain call.

Aug 22 2005 03:27 PM

This weekend also fits the old rule perfectly. You win a third of your games (Saturday), you lose a third (Sunday), and the other one makes the difference (Friday).

I use Saturday in the first category and Friday in the last and not the other way around because the Mets actually were up 8-0 Saturday.

Aug 22 2005 03:40 PM

A loss is a loss.A win is a win.
Thats the way I have to look at the last few. If I get stuck on the particulars, like the bullpen explosion, or Bensons not quite whole inning pitched, Id go crazy.
In baseball, there are many ways to lose and win and all I care about when my head hits the pillow (this season, at this point)is where the Mets are as opposed to where the teams they are chasing are.
Its true the Mets have been bad away from Shea, but now is the time to swing that pendelun the other way.
They really need to string a weeks worth of wins together. They need, and more sooner than later, a winning streak. Ill settle for 5 in a row.
The fact that they must do this on the road makes it all so much more to ask, but im askin.
Because , as far as the WC goes, its the team that can put together a winning streak at this time thats gonna edge ahead and take it.
And its there for the taking.