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Lone Star PotG: June 9, 2005 - Astros 6, Mets 3

So who's the Mets Lone Star of the Game?
Beltran 1 votes
Glavine 1 votes
Hernandez 0 votes
Looper 0 votes
Matsui 1 votes
Wright 8 votes

Willets Point
Jun 10 2005 01:02 AM

The polls return, sadly for a Mets loss.

Box Score

Willets Point
Jun 10 2005 01:04 AM

OK, so the poll is on top of the thread, that'l take some getting used to.

I'm liking this forum more and more though. It looks like you could nominate as many as 25 players so there's no limit for those good nights when everyone contributes.

Jun 10 2005 09:08 AM


Polls don't go to the head of the line if merely voted on

Jun 10 2005 09:56 AM

Was sitting next to two 16 year-old girls last night who were cheering madly for Wright.

I asked them if they liked him because he was good or because he was good-lookig. 'Both' they said.

Personally I think the guy has freaky eyes but what do I know? If 16 year-old girls are digging on him he must be handsome.

I told them that Lee Mazzili and Bucky Dent were the matinee idols when I was their age.

"Really? Don't know who they are - we'll go home and google them..."


Jun 10 2005 09:56 AM

Bump, part deux

Jun 10 2005 09:58 AM

I'll give you the eyes soup. But Wright has a very engaging smile.

Jun 10 2005 10:01 AM

whoa, here's one I never saw before...

Just to go on record, I think Wright is very ordinary looking